Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ansley at 5 months

I have been feeling the pressure to get this posted before she is 6 months. I have sat down numerous times and started on the post to only get pulled away before finishing. That's life! But I almost have nightmares about her turning 6 months old before I will ever get to blog again!
I am laughing at myself, the craziness of motherhood. And I know it is nothing compared to others.

Anyway, to not waste anymore time.....

Ansley is playing a lot more:
  • rolling and turning all over the place
  • she is grabbing at everything she sees (eating while holding her is a challenge)
  • she babbles or I should say screams a lot!
  • she holds her toys well and chews on them creating a slobbery mess, I tell you

( This video was taken a couple weeks ago. She has mastered turning even more since this. And don't you love Garyn sweet talking her!)

Her eating and sleeping at 5 months....
  • She sleeps from 9 ish till 3 ish when she wants to eat then is up around 8 ish (don't you love all the ishes)
  • She naps well in the morning and afternoon for at least an hour each time. However if our schedule messes with those times, she easily cat naps whenever.
  • Speaking of naps....she more and more resists being held/rocked to sleep. I lay her down in her bed and she rolls to one side and most often goes to sleep. If not, I come in to replace the pacifier again.
  • She is eating her cereal better. She also has eaten apples, butternut squash and pears mixed with it.
  • She continues to be sporadic on her daily eating schedule depending on when she first wakes up, but eats about every 3.5 hours
  • She smiles at everyone who talks to her.
  • She has also started the puppy dog huffing and kicking when she gets excited.
  • Her brother is still great entertainment. She has started rolling & turning to his toys putting them in her mouth when she grabs them. He still thinks its cute....we'll see how long that lasts!
  • She loves her feet still and isn't wanting to keep socks on
  • The car is still not her favorite. I have decided its not so much the car seat, but more the car.

  • Her hair has gotten longer and is still brown. Smaller bows will stay pretty well, the headbands tend to leave her with hat hair.....even at 5 months, we can't be having that!
  • She is wearing 3-6 mo or 6 month clothing mostly. Some smaller sizes still fit though.
  • She weighs about 15 lbs. not sure on length
  • I still get a lot of comments on her eyelashes...
  • And she, as she should be, is a good mix between Tyler and I. Some say she looks just like him and others see more of me in her than with Garyn.
  • She still favors most of Garyn's baby pictures other than hair and eye color. But I can definitely see a difference in her eye-nose area.  
And now I will let Ansley speak....
(you may want to turn your volume down some)

We just lover her. She is a true blessing for our family!

Also, I just changed the blog template...not sure if I like it or not. What do you think?

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