Monday, October 3, 2011

September goals, tallied up

Tallied?- Is that a word....?
It sounds good to me, just not sure if it is actually a word or spelled like that!

So September flew by as always!

I did ok I guess on completing my goals. I have decided to be happy with anything I get accomplished because there a lot more important things in my life right now.....these two especially are....

(reminds me that I am behind on posting Anlsey's 5 month update!)
The kids and I enjoyed the family reunion, as always.
We are having the SS dinner this week
I didn't make it to the craft night
and I did have an awesome jewelry party!

Not on the list but thoroughly enjoyed: a bonfire at the in-laws complete with smores! Hike around the Sale Creek property. Plus, we had a football post game party at our house this past Friday! So lots of fun stuff!

NONE of the craft items were done! I barely get through cleaning and cooking after spending most of my time playing with the kids! Which is the best craft ever if you ask me!

I have done fairly well staying on top of daily cleaning tasks, fairly well is to say I may just put dirty dishes in dishwasher then call it quits....but at least the sink is clean!

I have cleaned off desk!! I am so excited to have cleaned it pretty well and got the old desktop off and have my laptop and printer set up on it again! This means an end table in the living room is now clutter free as well!

Another big exciting clean up I did was our closet! Remember, I was putting clothes in a consignment sale?...well they followed the kids consignment with an adult one (this week actually). I was on such a money making/clean up kick that I decided to go through the majority of Tyler and I's clothes. Now my closet is cleaned out and organized! Hoping to make a little $ along the way as well!

I have been cooking again! Tyler helps in this department a lot! I think we have been eating at home 3 times a week at least the last couple weeks! My proudest cooking feat is on Wednesday nights. Garyn & I (and Ansley now, wow, still seems new at times!) go to church and Tyler is not home yet from football practice. So the last 3 weeks (?) I have been making something and leaving it for Tyler when he gets home. Crock pot meals and frozen dinners that are easy to put in oven, cooked then we leave and it stays warm in there! This was one of our areas of weakness, to just grab whatever, whenever.

I honestly did have a small freezer cooking day! I made apple and pear baby food for Ansley. I froze most of it since she is just starting foods. I took advantage of some free pears my friend had in her yard!

I am not sure we work on the last name very much, but he can now write all his numbers pretty well. He surprised me one day actually. I wrote 1-10 on a piece of paper and told him to practice writing those numbers like I had. He brings it to me minutes later and shows me that he had continued my numbers by writing 11-25! I was so proud that he took it a step further and that he was able to write those numbers without any prompting!

( He scribbled all over it but, the top is my numbers then you see his all scrunched together underneath)
We also have been diligently reading the bible story at breakfast. He seems to be remembering more and more understanding better the lesson in each one.

Still hairy around the edges. Just can't get motivated to sitting down and working it all out which is only making it worse. We have been more conscience though of spending.

Not eating out has improved! I think it will always be a battle for us because we love it so much.

And I have done better with the grocery budget. Not necessarily planning it well but stopping when I reach the limit even though I might have needed meat more than the shampoo I bought instead.

Consignment items were taken for both a kids sale and the adult, as mentioned earlier.
I did work a little on the coupons.
I didn't get the dogs bathed! That is on the agenda for this week though! Bathing myself and 2 kids is a job most days in itself!

I am also happy that Tyler was able to put a fan in Ansley's room and an exhaust fan in our bathroom. Both had been sitting around waiting on him to do. He also got my pictures off that old desktop mentioned above! Football season leaves him little...and I mean little time to do these types of things!

Well, there you have it. September, tallied up!

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