Thursday, April 1, 2010

March Goals Completed....

Did eat out with some new friends and some old, more than I can count!
Didn't take Garyn to fly a kite..........bad momma

DIY/ Craft:
Did Garyn's toy bin labels! I am so excited, hoping he can sort them better on his own.
Did painitng activity plus some...remember...
I painted my cabinet door as extra, Tyler hasn't put it up yet but its a start!
Didn't do my coasters!UGH! I didn't have all the pics I wanted to use, and being frugal I am waiting for a free prints ( Every couple months someone like snapfish, shutterfly, walgreens offers free prints and I haven't paid for any in like a year!)

Worked in the basement a good bit, on days that Garyn had Mothers Day Out & I didn't work
Part of that was the consignment stuff, I made about $95 off the sale!! woo hoo!

Did eat at home a lot! Most weeks we hit 5x a week!
Made several new meals.....Lasgna, Baja Chicken Tacos, Barbecue potatoes.......
Freezer cooking day: check

Health/ Wellness:
Walked once a week.....not twice
Eating veggies still, Garyn now knows that carrots go with sandwiches! Tyler is doing better!
Tyler is also running and working out a lot! I am very proud, he is now doing P90x with a group
of guys at work.....guess I need to be more motivated

We have been saving for our trips! Never got to say that we are going on 3 trips this summer
1 beach/ 2 mission- one mission trip is only me (if I can get off) to here
Home improvement fund hasn't really changed much! We are focusing on the trips right now
BUT we need to do better! We have talked about doing a cash only system for the extra
expenses. I have been getting $ out for the groceries, but other than that we haven't followed
through with it

Still been cleaning something each week, I don't really remember all of them but I know I
cleaned out Garyn's closet some more in preparation for the sale and summer clothes
Also cleaned under the beds and couch. I did another cleaning on Garyn's bath toys, too.

Well thats the month of March! I know I want ever get all of them done cause I keep increasing my goals. However, I'm still loving the accountability of these monthly goals! Keeps me focused!
Check back for April goals tomorrow!
(sorry no pics, can't seem to find my camera)

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  1. Good job, Rich! Keep it up! It feels good to actually report progress. I am inspired!

    .mac :)



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