Thursday, March 25, 2010

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We have been having some new recipes and yumminess this week. We have ate at home every night since Sunday! The only slip ups have been that Tyler and I went to eat lunch on Tuesday at Zaxby's while Garyn was in Mother's Day out. He had just enough time while out on an errand to eat so we took advantage of it. Otherwise, we have stayed on our meal plan except for we didn't have hot dogs because Tyler wanted breakfast for dinner.....

I tried these blueberry pancakes that I kept seeing on moneysavingmom. They were so good! I didn't use whole wheat flour so they weren't quite as healthy. I used frozen blueberries, too, instead of fresh. Tyler didn't want blueberries in his, but loved them plain! You should try them.

On Sunday, we had our barbecue potato skins. They were so good! There is really no recipe out there for these so I was worried a little. I always seem to mess up the easiest of things, but not these guys......
I used left over Pot Roast meat that I just shredded and covered with barbecue sauce earlier in the day. Then prepared the potatoes as you would for twice baked potatoes. Layer them up with cheese and put back into oven for a little bit. Topped them off with sour cream then devoured! Baked beans went well with them, too. Garyn ate them like it was candy, which surprised me because he normally doesn't like potatoes. We can judge how much he likes something by whether or not he feeds himself. If he hates it, he won't eat it unless you force him to, and sometimes not even then. If he kinda likes it, he will eat it when you feed it to him. If he loves it, he feeds himself!

I made the Pork Tenderloin and wasn't that happy with it. It was simple, but the marination that came on it wasn't very flavorful. We ate it, though, I just won't be buying that type again. Then, I also made Lasagna for the first time. It was yummy, but messy to assemble. Didn't look like a pretty rectangle! I guess I need a rectangular pan to put it in, although that wasn't what the recipe called for. Anyhow, there is no picture. Garyn feed himself the Lasagna so it will be back!
I get the night off, though, cause we are heading over to these guys house. We will have our Baja Chicken Tacos tomorrow night before I head out to work. Then Saturday is date night!

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  1. YIppee! I really like the barbecue potato skin recipe. I might have to borrow from you! Had a great time last night.

    I'm still stuffed from dinner and blizzards!

    .mac :)



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