Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mud and Bargains....

This post is might have wondered "what do mud and bargains have to do with each other?"

Well I must say, nothing except that they are my news for the day and will be linked by this post now... :)

We had another mud incident....
"What had happened was.." (Tyler's famous saying) we were at a RB baseball game for about 20 minutes when the Cobbles showed up. We were excited to see them. We all but got to talking, when Kenny and Tyler decide the boys can go down to the grassy area next to the bleachers. I was a little leery, but wanted to keep talking. Not 5 minutes later, Garyn comes walking up the steps looking like this:
He was saying: "Look Momma.....Look at all this....stuff (pointing to his shoe)"I was a little stunned but couldn't help but laugh. Of course, the Cobble boys come walking up the steps without a speck on them! Leave it to my son to find the mud hole. If you can't tell, it is from his waist to his shoes. It was also on his hands and jacket. Deciding there was really no way to salvage him, we headed out stopping by the bathroom to clean him up a little.
As we were walking out, Tyler is still watching the game and ignoring were he is going. I tried to yell at him but he walked strait into a mud hole. Again, notice the difference in the shoes. These men of mine....can't keep 'em clean.

Lately, I am getting more and more questions about my grocery shopping and just how I get everything for $60 give or take each week. It isn't rocket science and is just a change of technique more or less. So I am posting the details for those of you who wonder........

First of all, it looks like a mess and hard to see what all is in there so I'm breaking-it-down-for-ya:


Flintstones Gummy vitamins- sale price $5.16+ $1 off coupon= $4.16 (orig. $6.88)
3 Shave gels- sale price $2 + (3)55 cents off coupons= $0.90 ea (orig. $3.29 ea)

4 Blue Bonnet stick butters- sale price $0.50 ea (orig. $0.99 ea)

Stony Field 4 pack yogurt- sale price $2 + $1 off coupon printed= $1 (orig. $2.??)

Southern Home milk- 2 gallons $2.88 each

Tennessee Pride Sausage- sale price $1.99 (orig $3.49)

Kibbles and Bits 17.5 lb bag-$12.99+ $1.50 off bilo printed coupon= $ 11.49 (not pictured)

Newspaper- $0.50 for penny item coupon and has a coupon insert

Total $32.41, $17.25 savings- $6.80 from coupons
note: I wasn't real happy with this trip, but I bought things I needed without necessarily having coupons


Strawberries- sale 2/$4+ $1 coupon when you buy Cool Whip, on pkg. +$1.75 off when you buy sara lee pound cake-publix coupon = negative $0.75

Sara Lee Pound cake- sale price $1.89 + $1 printed coupon=$0.89

Kraft shredded mozzarella- sale price $1.67 (orig. $2.99)

Fresh express salad- sale price $1.99

2 Birds Eye frozen veggies- sale price (50% off) $0.89+ $1/4 printed coupon= $0.64 ea

2 Birds Eye frozen veggies- sale price (50% off) $1.19 + $1/4 from above= $0.94 ea
Sorrento ricotta cheese 32 oz- sale price $3.00- for my Lasagna

Avocado- $1.49 - for my Baja Chicken Tacos

Baby carrots- sale price $1.29 (orig. $1.69)

2 Lysol sprays- B1G1 sale price $1.34 ea + (2) $0.50 off coupons= $0.34-35 each

Log Cabin Syrup- sale price $1.75 + $1.00 off coupon (All You magazine)

Breakstone sour cream- sale price $0.99 + $0.60 off printed coupon= $0.39 (orig. $1.85)

2 I can't believe its not butter tubs- sale price $1.29 + (2) $0.50 off coupon + $0.75/2 publix coupon = negative $0.16!

Cool Whip- sale price $0.99

Publix Ceasar salad drsg. - Penny item, clipped coupon from paper

Total- $17.33!! $33.73 savings $13.09 were coupons alone

Food Lion:

Natures Own bread- sale price 2/$3 + $0.75 off printed coupon= $0.75

Hamburger meat- $1.88 a lb., bought $6.61 package

Total: $7.96

So I spent $ 57.70 and have my weeks worth of groceries plus some...

I use and mostly for my list and coupons. Each week southern savers posts a new list for the stores and includes the coupons available. I just click the items I want and then pull the coupons out of my binder. I do print some; sometimes its while I am making the list but mostly I check the above sites a couple times a week to see what good coupons have popped up and print them then. I do take my binder into the store but already have all the coupons pulled out. Every once in a while I find something else I want or decide to get more of an item and then will need my binder.

It takes time to stock pile until you only buy the sale items plus dairy and produce. For instance, I don't need 4 things of stick butter, but I freeze it. Nor do I need 2 Lysol sprays, but I may before it goes on sale again. The coupon clipping is time consuming, but totally worth it to me. Would love to help you save some money if you have any questions! See you can do this!

(sorry so long and detailed for those of you who care nothing about coupons)
Tomorrow will be about our dinners...having lots of yummy food!

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  1. I am sticking to the coupon game! I do see savings and a stockpile, but never like what some people say. I think as of now, I am shaving about $40-$30 off on average a week. Thanks, coach!

    Love your mudpies!

    .mac :)



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