Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meals for next week

So I am going to meal plan for the first time!
The funny part is that Tyler initiated it....we came up with it together

Sunday- Bar-B-Que potato skins and baked beans { I am using some pot roast meat from last week, attempting to replicate the Sticky skins from Sticky Fingers}
Monday- Hot dogs and chili
Tuesday- Pork Lion, peas and new potatoes {first time making Pork Lion}
Wednesday- Baja Chicken Tacos, rice and beans
Thursday- Lasagna and salad {first time making, unsure of recipe}
Friday-left overs or frozen dinner
Saturday- Eating out

Otherwise, we have been enjoying this beautiful weather this weekend. Tyler got a lot of yard work done today and I got the cabinet door painted finally! Will post pics when it is installed.....

Garyn is talking so much and beginning to say funny things; here is the latest:
1) Just today, we were in Home Depot in the bathroom, I gave Garyn the option to stand or sit. He stood up to pee. Then I said, "Stand over here while momma pees". He said. "Momma, you wanna stand up to pee?" I couldn't help but laugh, and said "No momma can't stand"

2) In the car one day, we turned onto no-particular road, and he said "Oh, look momma, its so beautiful, I love it!" Not sure what he was referring to, he is real expressive and imaginative about silly things.

He also has been doing some funny things.......
He has discovered deodorant, and has put Tyler's on several times. He puts it on his side put under his arm. Cracks me up! He always does it when I am getting ready, and says "Garyn put some on, Momma?"

So we are just loving this time together. He is hilarious.....

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  1. Kudos to the Rich family! Keep up the great work meal planning! You can do it!

    .mac :)



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