Thursday, March 18, 2010

Frustration yet happiness

Frustration and happiness have been coinciding in my mind here lately....let me explain....

Frustrated that Garyn will not poop in the potty!
Happy to know this too shall pass...

Frustrated that some things do not happen when we want....
Happy to know there is hope for everything

Frustrated that DIY projects aren't happening around here...
Happy that I get to go to Honduras this summer!!!

Frustrated that things keep going wrong with our cars....
Happy that I have my car back after 3 months without it!!

Frustrated that Garyn will not stay in his bed at night...
Happy that he loves us soo much ;)

Frustrated that the weather goes back and forth.....
Happy that it is 64 degrees out today

Frustrated that my house is a disaster!
Happy that no one else really cares :)

Can you relate??

1 comment:

  1. Yes! Yes I can!!! The good with the bad. Such is life! Keep plugging!

    .mac :)



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