Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Completed Goals

Tyler is home! And I can't wait to post on Honduras but for now.......
I think my completed goals is less than uncompleted....sad I know. I wasn't as motivated this month, there were only 28 days to complete them, Garyn and I had been sick with head colds at least half the month, and Tyler was gone for a full week.......yeah, I am making excuses. BUT March is a new start!

Here is what I got completed.....


We had a small game night....I am counting it, though! The Cobbles came over for dinner and we played Rook while the boys played. It was great!

We had 2 dates, one was Valentine's weekend which was our 11th Valentines together!

We ate out with Haylee and Nick whom we hadn't done anything with in 2-3 yrs! Haylee worked with me at The Big Much for a long time and I saw her almost daily so I have missed her! It was great to catch up with them!


(Didn't do any of these!! Yikes! )


Worked downstairs and have a pile that will be sold in the consignment sale for March!


Did a deep clean each week!

I cleaned out both fridges (we have one in our basement), Cleaned under the couches and beds again, got Garyn's short sleeve shirts that don't fit boxed up and got out the ones for this coming season, and I cleaned out Garyn's toys and bins (in preparation for labeling them)


I have done new recipes! One was a wonderful Enchilada and mexican corn recipe (see above) from my friend that was given to me inside a handmade cookbook for a wedding gift! Thanks, Meg! ( I will post the recipe for you, sorry)

I had a freezer day!! Yea!!


Garyn and I ate 2 veggies a day except for maybe 3 or 4 days! I have gotten Garyn used to eating baby carrots at lunch, he has to eat them before he can have chips or juice! Tyler has eaten many more veggies, but I can't guarantee it was 2 a day. In Honduras, he started eating tomatoes and he eats his peas well when I make them!

Once again, I didn't workout! Tyler has been faithful to exercising, though, can that count? I have given him the time and support! I want to workout but just can't find the time to do it! The only time I have without Garyn is when I am at work and maybe 3 hours at night when Tyler is home. During that time, we eat and hang out. Its just too much for me to leave to go workout when Tyler has just gotten home.....ugh, I guess I'll do it when I am more motivated.

Well, Garyn just woke up and its almost dinner time so I will post my March goals tomorrow!

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  1. Love this post for the accountability aspects of it! You keep it up! Things only get crossed off when they are intentionallly written down!

    .mac :)



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