Monday, March 8, 2010

March Goals

Finally, right?! Our Internet wasn't working this weekend and we had family here so just now getting to it. BUT I have already been working on my goals for this month!

Have dinner with friends we don't usually see. This was so good last month to do and I want to make it a habit to keep in touch with good friends!
Take Garyn to the park and fly a kite

Do Garyn's toy bin labels left over from last month
Do the coasters, also left over!
Do an outside painting activity with Garyn

Work on basement, a lot!! We have big plans for it and gotta get moving on it!!
Continue getting items ready for consignment sale, its this month!

Eat at home 4x a week!
Make at least 1 new recipe a week, love this challenge cause its yummy and a nice change
Do another freezer day!

Walk 2 times a week on our street...I WILL, I WILL ;)
Continue to eat veggies 2x a day
Support Tyler while he is working out and running { I tend to get jealous and selfishly want him to come home and be with us, he doesn't need that}

Financial: (new one!)
Save $$ for our many trips we have coming up....will explain on another post, exciting indeed!
Also, save $$ for some home improvements
{My main goal is to cut our spending on extra things we don't really need or can do without in order to save for the important things}

Continue to do one deep clean a week, such as cleaning the fridge out, cleaning the closets, cleaning under the couches/beds, etc.

Hope you, too, are setting some goals. The accountability of writing/typing has been great for me! You should try it :)

1 comment:

  1. Got some goals up my sleeve...

    Lots to do and little time!

    It feels good checking them off though!

    Keep up the good work!

    .mac :)



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