Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Resolutions and Goals

Lately I have been thinking about goals and resolutions.....aren't we all , given the time of year!
But really, our New Year's Eve party requires that we make a Bucket List and resolutions, and each year, we will review what we did. Well, last year I hand wrote a small list; came to the party and everyone else had typed and extensive lists. I should have know given our company of overachievers/teachers! However, this time when they all pulled theirs out and were able to actually check goals off, I was jealous! I have no clue where my 2008/2009 handwritten list is and now want to jot down my resolutions so that next year I can cross things off!!

So while reading this, I decided to combine the two into a blog. I will definitely have it typed and can maybe accomplish more!

{note: this will be a longer list, just didn't want to bore everyone}
Resolutions and Bucket List:
1. Be more intentional with my walk with God, including being confident that I am here for a reason and shouldn't shy away from gifts He has given me.
2. Spend more time with family
3. Cook healthier and more often; those of you that know us know that we eat out a lot
4. Spend less time doing mindless things, such as TV and Internet surfing
5. Carrying on with #4: spending more time with Garyn playing and teaching him things. (As you all know, 2 is such a great time to absorb a lot)
6. Go somewhere different for vacation in order to see different things
7. Go on a ski trip, may tie in with #6 or may be in 2011
8. Organize the junk of our house!! Stop looking at it and either store it or give it away!
9. Budget, budget, budget! Every year we try to set out a monthly budget & it never sticks, this year I think I am going to go the "save" route and intentionally spend less so that we can put money in savings each month which would be used on items 6 & 7! :)
10. Be more patient! I don't show it all the time, but I am losing my patience a lot lately and it makes me a bad wife and mother. I start stewing about little things that aren't happening fast enough or going the way I planned and then I eventually take it out on one of them.

So for January:

Do something with some friends or family that we don't normal see much, i.e. game night or dinner out
Plan more girls luncheons for Sunday school
Be better about dates with Tyler, just the two of us, we tend to just bring Garyn so that we don't have to worry about a babysitter

Start scrap booking again, I am so behind & there is a monthly group at church that I think I am going to start going to!
Paint Garyn's calender set he made at Home Depot with him, will tell more about this later

Finish taking down Christmas decorations, been procrastinating, I know
Paint bedroom
Paint/stain kitchen cabinet door (left over from this)
Clean-up basement, in some way, not trying to overwhelm myself here

cook a meal at least 3x a week
do a freezer day

do something fitness-ish at least once a week, i.e. Wii Fit, stationary bike; gotta start somewhere

I feel motivated and good about being able to accomplish this list!


  1. Yay for goals!! Yeah, I should have probably made big goals for the year and then base the monthly goals off the big ones... but I didn't. :) haha!

    Okay, about walking - I would love to... but it's cold. Like "I don't even like to take the dog out to go potty" cold. But when it warms up a bit, I definitely want to go walking together!! :) (P.S. I had no idea you had 2 dogs!)

  2. Great ideas, Sarah!

    I am hip to the monthly goals. Planning mine now.

    It feels good to set out and achieve!

    .mac :)

  3. Those are great goals! I am working on # 1 and 10, as well. We can pray for each other :)



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