Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grocery Adventures

I just had to tell you about my grocery deals today. I got everything pictured above-
12 Dannon Yogurt cups
1 Sara Lee bread
2 Progresso soups
1 gallon of milk
1 Publix fresh salsa
1 box Aleve
1 box Bayer
2 bags bagels (6 ea)
1 Halls Cough drops
1 Dentastix dog treats
5 Healthy Choice dinners (we take these to work for lunch)
1 5lb bag of potatoes
1 Aveeno baby soap
1 Fantatik cleaner
1 bottle juice ( this was the penny item at publix)
2 boxes Cheezits,
for a grand total: $ 25.84 !!!

Love it! I will go to Bilo soon just to buy some strawberries, paper towels and box of oatmeal, which will all cost $8. I stock pile so each week I buy a random selection of groceries and won't need anything else.
You can do it, too, just start saving coupons from the newspaper and look at sites like or


  1. Sarah, that's great! Wherever we live next in the US, I'll have to join the coupon savings club :)

  2. You rock, mama!!!! I am impressed! You are my hero! My mentor!

    Love the new facelift to your blog too!

    .mac :)



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