Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

We don't get much snow here therefore each year I have taken pictures of Garyn playing out in the snow. However this year, we have had 2 days that it snowed. The first didn't warrant school being called off ,though, so today is the official "snow day" since Tyler is home from school!

Living in the Chattanooga area and North Georgia my whole life, I can remember being a kid that always hoped for snow so that I could be out of school. I actually lived in Dayton, TN during the '93 blizzard. I have fond, vivid memories of those many snow days that I was out of school. And believe me, I have a horrible memory!! Some of the best ones are: 1. We lived maybe 3-4 blocks from Red Food or now Bi-Lo and my dad put me on a sled, pulled me to the store, bought groceries, then pulled me and the groceries home. I loved that! I guess because I felt like I was doing something that Northern people who lived in constant snow did. That was my 10-year-old thinking, at least. 2. I remember eating snow cream and actually saving some for my brother (who lived an hour and a half away) in the freezer! Don't think he ever got that snow cream....hmmm, wonder why...anyway 3. We were out of power for a long time (not sure how long) and we had some friends here in Chattanooga that had a gas stove and great fireplace. Dad packed us up and we drove in all the ice and snow and it took ua twice as long. Then we ate a cooked meal and slept on pallets in their living room in front of the fire! Great times! Can't wait to make memories with Garyn on our once-twice a year snow days!

Now back to our 2010 snow day!

Here is Garyn and us outside...........

This is Garyn's new battery powered scrambler (from Bob the Builder) that we finally got a battery for! He seems to really like it but can't steer it yet, keeps running into things and then laughs, maybe its intentional........

Now off to decide whats for dinner.....I am doing pretty good at my monthly goals!

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  1. YES!!! We played outside today too! It was really frigid.

    It was hard for us to make snow balls, but we totally tried!

    Ready for game night?!! We are!!!

    Good job eating at home!

    Keep those goals in the front of your mind.

    I ran 3 miles on Hixson Pike this evening in 24 degree weather...1/2 marathon here I come!!!

    .mac :)



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