Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas and New Years

Well, I didn't get a blog in before Christmas, cause it got a little busy the week before and of Christmas. Sickness is something we have been learning to get used to around here with a 2 year old. After we all 3 had just gotten over the stomach bug, Garyn got a cold/cough that was getting worse and then spiked a fever. Long story short, he began coughing so much he was wheezing and fever so high he was lethargic. He has now been diagnosed with asthma that harbored some pneumonia in his lower lungs. Now, he takes a breathing treatment daily, but when he was wheezing it was every 4 hours! I was sleeping with him in the rocking chair half the night. Christmas Eve was the first day the wheezing had stopped and he seemed to feel better. However, the meds were making him act so different and irritable about everything. As of today, the cough is minimal and we are still taking an antibiotic for congestion left in his chest. Gives you more to be thankful for definitely! I felt blessed for Christmas and the Eve to be somewhat back to normal.

So here is Garyn and Santa......he did much better this year! Last year he was screaming in the pic. This year he was able to be coerced some, but wouldn't sit in his lap.
Christmas Eve we went to our church service and then to Tyler's parents house.
Garyn got some fun toys, but the best was two swords. Oh my, we were all getting attacked while sitting in the floor trying to unwrap our presents. It was hilarious.
Christmas morning we started some new traditions. Tyler and I both want to make sure Christmas remains a celebration for Jesus' birth and so we held back on excessively buying for Garyn. We also made a Banana Nut Bread "cake", put a candle in it, and sang "Happy Birthday Jesus". We enjoyed our morning together. Garyn got a tool bench and a ride on 4 wheeler that the battery was bad in. We felt so bad that we didn't realize this prior to Christmas Eve and therefore he wasn't able to ride it! :( However, he hasn't noticed and got plenty...

I got a purple laptop!! I was so excited. I am writing this blog on it right now!
Afterwards, we went to my grandparents in Georgia and then Tyler's grandparents in Bakewell, TN. So we were driving some but I can't imagine Christmas without seeing all my family. I, obviously, didn't document these trips. The day after Christmas, my brother and family came up to celebrate Christmas, with them and my dad. Garyn loves having them at our house and it was an extended time to see everyone.

New Year's eve we went to the Cobble's house. I just loved this pic of the boys eating together. There were 4 boys total, from 21 mos to 4 1/2. They all get together and play well. We adults had fun, too, playing games, watching football and making new resolutions for 2010!
Back to a normal schedule now with Tyler returning to work tomorrow. Can't believe its already over.....:(

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  1. Hey I know those kids in the bottom pic! Shew, their mom! She is a piece of work!

    Ken is absolutely loving hanging out with T.Rich more. "That guy is funny" he always says about him!

    Still need a photo shoot with you, sister!

    .mac :)



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