Tuesday, January 12, 2010

two and a half

Today is the day my sweet boy is officially two and a half! Can't believe and hate that I use this cliche so much , but its true. Here is a run down of our G-man's personality at two and a half.....

He is in love with puzzles right now. I am in love with that fact, myself. I used to bury myself in a puzzle for a couple days when growing up. I probably pressed it on him by buying, ohhh 5-6 different puzzles for him for Christmas. Anyway, he can do them mostly by himself. His strategy is connecting the individual pictures together and then combines them into the big picture.

Books are also a favorite. He loves to be read to but also loves to read himself. He highlights the story of each page and when you ask if he wants you to read the book to him, he quickly states, "No, I read it". Actually, he can read a lot of words like: dog, Momma, imagination, all the colors and shapes, everyone in our family's names, lots of animals, and so on. My teacher-friends say it is "sight" words, but I just think its pretty neat!

Garyn still loves to dance, he gets to groovin' with any type of music. Here is him dancing to Wii guitar hero.......

Garyn is a Wii fanatic!! It is truly sad how much he thinks about it. Most days, he wakes up saying, "Eat a waffle, sausage, egg and play Wii games" and when you say "That's what you want to do?" He quickly says, "Yeah, Ok, I want to, Lets go!" Cracks me up! Waffles/Pancakes are another fav by-the-way & he doesn't get it every morning. We use his Wii fascination as a bribe often, such as " No Wii games if you don't eat your carrots." The worst, though, is that he knows stores with Wii games, ex. Old Navy, Best Buy, Target, Game Stop..., yeah, I know, its sickening, but if we go by those stores without distracting him somehow, he cries, so much that we avoid those areas when possible. He just wants to watch us play most of the time, but is able to play a few games.

Potty training is in full swing. He is doing pretty good. He pees, sorry for the graphics, on average 4 times a day in his potty. Probably like most boys, he is very stubborn. I am seeing how stubborn/ impatient I am, as well. We are getting through it though, with lots of suckers and Wii bribes! Although, he is now telling me "Go pee-pee in the potty and get a sucker" and then he goes! I am happy to see progress!

Garyn is talking a lot now, too. He can carry on a conversation with you easily. He still talks in third person, or repeats things exactly the way you say it. For instance, " Are you hungry?" means "I'm hungry"...... he does say "I" for some phrases. Lately, he has been saying "please, thank you, I'm sorry, and Yes mam/sir", not sure how he has caught on so well, but I like it!

Oh, Garyn, we just can't describe how much we love you and the happiness you bring to our days. We hope you keep your bubbly personality and drive to do what you want. With that we also pray that God is a focus in your life. Know that we will always support and love you!

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