Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities

We are rolling right into this busy Holiday season! As always, it all comes so quickly and passes before you get a chance to soak it up. So here's to documenting Halloween before its New Years and I've forgotten the little details! (Plus, its Thursday and I'm home alone!)

Two weeks ago we went to a pumpkin patch called Old McDonald's Farm in Sale Creek. Its a great place to do lots of typical fall activities, like hayride, corn maze, etc. But you know all that so here's the pictures of the fun we had.

(Emma, Kadie and Philip joined us.)
                                                                     "Hay maze"

Critter Barn

Slide, love that smile and Ansley in the back :)
"corn pit"
Horse back riding ;)
Emma had the best ride of all
                                                          My 2 favorite pumpkins!
and a Hayride to pick real pumpkins.... :)
Philip, Kadie and chunky Emma! We laugh because she is catching up to Ansley's weight fast!

Pumpkins make a great seat apparently
Now that you have been bombarded with pictures...........let me give you some more....
Garyn and Ansley had Halloween parties in their classes at school wearing their costumes.
 Garyn was Sonic and Ansley was an owl
She did very well in her costume. Acted as if it wasn't even there; I was a bit surprised but happy. Garyn still doesn't like to leave his own!

 Owl gotta get their energy!
Garyn, I mean, Sonic had to get his energy, too, to run super fast. As you can see, he didn't have his complete costume on. I was just glad he wore it when he did! I thought the day was going to be a disaster because he fussed so much about putting it on. Thankfully, once we were there he got excited about everyone else's costumes and did great.

Now for Halloween night:

Off to Trunk or Treat at church
Garyn and his best bud, Aiden......I mean Spiderman
Playing games
Ansley had a blast in the toddler area!
And lastly we came home and got to see the little lady, Emma

Ansley was super thirsty after all that candy! She had to have a piece at every house/trunk. Isn't Emma just adorable!
 Well I have had to hide candy from Ansley all day. She is a chocoholic to say the least. Garyn loves it, too, but is easily swayed and deterred.
Very fun times ahead as the holiday season begins!


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