Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ansley's 18 months

She is now a year and a half as of the 25th. How did we get to this point so fast! I have a toddler and no longer a baby. She is a cutie, too!

After having monthly updates, I feel there is so much to update about Lil' Miss Ansley.

She has become more and more independent with her eating. She will let you feed her a bit but then she yells "help" or "mine" and reaches for the spoon. She wants to do it all on her own from then on. She doesn't do too bad of a job either, but gets messy nonetheless. I am still getting her to eat some baby food to get vegetables in her. Grilled chicken, fries, grapes and any starch are her main staples. Oh and we can't forget chocolate and ketchup! The girl loves to dip everything. And she can't see the plate underneath her ketchup or she starts begging for more.

Speaking of begging, Ansley is a demanding child, like most girls I guess. :) If she sees something of her hearts desire, you are going to know about it until she has her hands on it. She has started talking a lot more but still doesn't always know the words to say so she starts yelling gibber-jabbers until we figure out what she wants. It can be quite exhausting! Here lately she has started telling me "top" or stop when I am trying to do something with her. She has started saying Garyn or "Geyn". I have been waiting for her to say his name and it must be hard because she still seldom says it but it always sounds so cute!
(knot she got a couple weeks ago falling into a table)
She still smiles non stop and charms everyone. Most of the time she is very social but occasionally she acts moody or shy. Typical girl, I guess. She waves "Hey" and "Bye" to people all the time at stores and such. We usually draws a crowd actually. She is still very active climbing and running around. I can't keep her in the buggy, stroller or high chair for very long. We have to find a lot of activities for her to do to try and keep her happy. Most of the time its coloring, playing with my phone, playing with keys, eating a snack or emptying my purse.

(Ansley playing with cousin Emma)

Speaking of purse, she loves to have a bag of her own to carry. Whenever we are getting out of the car, she starts saying "bag" and drags it along on her shoulder. She also has a shoe fetish wearing anyone and every one's shoes she can find. Somehow, she actually can walk in them well. I know what she's getting for Christmas.....
(walking in Nana's shoes)

Growth wise.....She is around 23 lbs and 32-33 inches. She is still so dainty but seems to have fattened up a little. Some 12-18 months still fit but usually she wears 18-24 mos.. Her hair has really grown long. I look at baby pictures of her and can't believe how short it used to be! There are still some curls at the end but it seems to be getting straighter.

I still can't believe sometimes how different she and Garyn are, yet the same at other times. She sleeps so well, going to sleep on her on for nap most days. Every once and awhile I'll have to go in and sway/ bounce her to sleep. She sleeps for a couple hours and sometimes longer. At night, she sleeps from 8:45/9:00 to 7ish. She still sleeps with her pacifier and blanket. If she is really tired she will get them and come tell us "night night." Garyn still has to be forced to go to bed! When they wake up though , they both have to snuggle and just sit quietly for a bit. You can't force either of them to talk or do something too fast without getting a mean look or grumpy attitude.

They also favor each other and both Tyler and I at the same time. God somehow does that beautifully! She favors me more though than Garyn does. I found some pics of me at her age and was a little shocked at how much she did look like me. What do you think?.....
Garyn still adores his sister and she him. They do have little tifts here and there when one has something the other wants. But most of the time, they love on each other. Ansley wants to be with him if she sees him off somewhere. Like at his soccer games, she runs up to sit in his lap on the side lines (she aslo runs out onto the field a lot). Its so cute though......

Well, the little stinker is up from nap now. I will go enjoy her at 18 months before she's 2 in a blink!

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