Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wilderness Trip Aug. '12

We have been entirely too spoiled this year and have gotten to go on several trips. Last month, we went to the Wilderness Resort again. A trip which Garyn completely planned. After seeing a coupon in the mail and hearing us talk about our last trip, he started saying he was so excited that we were going. Now Nana had thought about it and mentioned it to me once, but with moving and football we weren't sure we could swing it. BUT Garyn kept telling everyone we were going and that Nana had said we were. Then he would tell Nana that I said so. It was quite funny because we thought maybe each of us had. So eventually we talked to one another and realized Garyn was pulling one over on us a bit. We laughed about it and then Nana made reservations that week!

Needless to say, he loves the "Wilderness in the Smokies" as he correctly calls it. Philip, Kadie and Emma got to come, too! I didn't take many pictures but here are the ones I do have....

Attempt at a family photo
Garyn did the body board
I was shocked at how well he stayed on and wasn't scared one bit!

Daddy had fun too!

Sliding with Aunt Kadie

Besides water fun, we played mini golf a few times. As you know that's Garyn's favorite!
Attempt to get a good picture of both of them is like pulling teeth.
They are cute no matter what though.
This little chunk is a cutie too!
Thats Emma with Poppa.


Garyn was taking head shots of everyone. :)
We had a great time and of course Garyn wants us to go back like yesterday. We enjoyed the last summer fun before everyone was back in the swing of school and work.

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