Sunday, July 7, 2013

Painting ourselves Navy and Gold

As you know, we are changing from blue and white to navy and gold. Might seem simple on the outside (and it is...) but it also takes a change of mind. When I see clothes out and about for us all, I have to think on these new colors now. My mind is getting more geared to navy and gold though after having a week of literally immersing myself in it!

We spent a few days getting Tyler's room ready and once again I painted the logo for him. The new logo, that is. As I painted away, I thought a lot about the significance of this new change we have. Tyler and I graduated from Red Bank, but we aren't Red Bank now. A lot changes over time and Red Bank has, too. The Red Bank I knew, isn't what the kids now know. You could even take it further to say, we aren't the same. We are two adults with children moving to the Soddy area and changing our surroundings a bit. Funny how a little paint can make you reflect on so much!

(The bottom color is silver not baby blue as it looks)
 Within the same week, we also went to The Athletic Shop and ordered some printed shirts for the  kids and Tyler some coaching stuff. Plus, I found a t-shirt for me to wear. Which reminds me, I have to clean out most of my Red Bank clothes cause its just not kosher for a coaches wife to be seen in a rival team's shirt! I am starting from zero and really don't have any Soddy things!
Then, I also went to Carter's that week to get some sibling shirts and instead found a gold mine.(..and navy...haha.) I was literally spinning around the boys section and at every turn finding a different  shirt that my two boys could wear...and be matching! I even called Tyler to tell him he better come in and help me decide. (He was out in the car with the kids) He didn't, so I just got them all!
Now, I just have to work on Ansley and I, I have a couple items in the works for her, though. I was so excited to find a cute navy Nike skirt at Goodwill that's pleated like a cheer leader skirt in her size! I also found that yellow-gold color pair of bike shorts she can wear with a long shirt or even under that skirt. Goodwill never fails me!
After all this, my eyes are a little more trained to see navy and gold when I'm out and about. I'll always be blue and white at heart but the new colors are seeping in naturally. I can't wait to start this new chapter!


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