Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Goals

I have truly missed my goal making...

At the end of the last couple months, I have thought "where did this month go, what did I do?" and felt liked I wasted a month doing petty-meaningless things in my spare time. And December can be a busy month, with lots of things to distract you from doing the important ones!

Making goals gives me direction, a target to aim for....we all know that they don't always get done, but at least I set myself up for progress rather than spend our days and nap time watching tv, surfing the Internet, or walking around the mall. Yes, Garyn likes to go play at that mall and then I get to wonder around in return just looking cause I am usually too cheap to buy unless its on the sale rack and I have a coupon. But that's another story!

December Goals

Have a great Sunday School party :)
Join in on a cookie swap
Go on a date with my hubby
Do a Christmas activity that Garyn wants to do
       (ex. Rock City, look at Christmas lights on houses)
Have a wonderful and Jesus-filled Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Clean for that Sunday School Party
Deep clean purple bedroom
Deep clean desk clutter

Make some Christmas cookies to decorate with Garyn
Make desserts for cookie swap (can't wait!)
Cook at home at least 2 days a week (sometimes we eat quick fixes)

paint downstairs bathroom
finish up upstairs bathroom
make the Christmas presents I have planned to do
find/make a tree for advent ornaments

work with Garyn 3-4 days a week on numbers and words
begin focusing on the meaning of Christmas in our Bible story time and prayer time
   (hoping to get some great books we talked about at MOPS)
Discipline myself to 30 minutes on internet unless emailing or selling on eBay!!
   (I feel this has gotten out of control lately! But I have been
      selling a lot on eBay this last month)

Do my daily Bible reading (before I am about to fall asleep)
Continue family time devo : Jesse's Tree
Work on finishing "Don't Make Me Count to Three"
   (AHH, I am embarrassed to say I still haven't finished this!
     I am horrible about reading even when I like the book)

Continue cash only for eating out and grocery
Contiue to sell on eBay to help with Christmas shopping (and empty out the basement)

Finish decorating for Christmas!!! Yea!
Shop for Christmas presents and wrap them as I go rather than spending every night the week of Christmas

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