Thursday, December 23, 2010


Wow, tomorrow is when it all begins! And I am excited that we may have a white Christmas this year! Although, I am supposed to work Christmas night, so I don't want to get stuck or have others not be able to come to work making me have to go... :( But we won't worry about that now.

Quickly wanted to post about going to Rock City for the first time in years and Garyn's first time at all.

I was really glad we went to see the Christmas lights. Garyn loved it and kept his jacket and toboggan on the whole time, a feat for him, let me tell you.

Tyler and I quickly realized, asking for a new camera for Christmas was not selfish of me at all! My camera is getting worse about taking blurry, fuzzy pictures. But I did get a few good ones....

 Garyn in front of one of the trees, love that sweet face!

 Garyn walking through one of the "tunnels" (when we see bridges and tunnels he always relates it to Thomas train tunnels and bridges). I was glad he thought of that instead of being scared.

 Really like this one, never could get a good one of Tyler and Garyn

 He was standing in a sail boat

These next pictures just made the night for me. We felt so good about the expensive price for tickets (even with my coupon) knowing that they took time to tell everyone the whole Christmas story.
I am viewing Christmas differently each year now. This year I am looking at a lot of main stream norms and wondering why they are so far from the real reason for the season. So going to see the lights AND getting the story of Jesus' birth was awesome.  (sorry for my little tangent)

 The whole nativity was set up in a wooden manger, characters were life size

 The scene was within a small amphitheater, with a loud speaker cycling an invitation to sit down, the whole Bible story, then some Christmas Christian carols.

 It  lasted maybe ten minutes, and people were filling the sits to listen to the whole story. Garyn was intensely and reverently listening, he even told me to be quiet when I tried to sing (quietly) along with the songs. It was hilarious!

Cute Gingerbread house near the end

So we enjoyed the night and will do this again!
Hope you are enjoying the season and are ready for tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

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