Monday, April 9, 2012

April Goals

I know its the 9th day of April and I am just starting but we have been a little busy. We had an unexpected beach trip last week and then I have work 3 of the 9 days of April already (which is a major portion for me). After taking the month off in March from goal setting I didn't want to skip April!

This week (9th-14th)
-work on laundry
-mop and clean bathrooms
-finish putting away trip stuff
-clean desk and toy room
-catch up on James Bible Study
-send out Ansley's bday invites
-put away Easter

Next week (15th-21st)
-work on picture frames/hang
-organize closets
-move furniture in Ansley's room
-mop and clean bathrooms
-put away jackets
-declutter Garyn's room

Last week (22nd-28th)
-work on party plans
-dust and straighten tables
-clean/straighten kitchen shelf and counters
-mop and clean bathrooms
-clean up downstairs

Short and sweet list for me! I will be busy though as always. AND most important is Ansley's birthday! Excited but sad at the same time....

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