Friday, March 30, 2012

Spunky Monkey at 11 months

Each month its seems like there is an adjective to highlight Ansley's new found discoveries, accomplishments, milestones, etc. This last week or so she has mastered climbing well which makes her a lil monkey! Then when you factor in her little temper stubborn personality that has been rearing its head more and more, you could say she is a spunky monkey!

She has been climbing for awhile, but when I walked into see this after her nap, I knew we had reached a new level....

For a couple days, we were scared to leave her in her bed. We couldn't lower the bed anymore. I didn't know what to do besides put her in a toddler bed which would be another issue in itself! As well, we thought about those little tents that we have seen. But we then calmed down after watching her closely and realized she seemed to only do it when left awhile (Yes, she did it several more times with us waiting at the door peering through the crack). Plus, Tyler even sat in her rocker and watched her attempt it using the bumper somewhat to get leverage. Thankfully, taking the bumper out has eliminated that problem for the time being. The tent may be on order if she does it again!
UPDATE: She climbed up the bed again since writing this, I looked into the tents and they are expensive! So looks like we are going to be getting Tyler's baby bed that has spindles on all 4 sides instead of a ledge on the ends. (look at picture above closely to understand)

Other things she climbs...refrigerator, dishwasher, shelves, small tables....If she can hike her leg up on it, she can climb it! Just another reason you must watch her pretty close. Plus, you have to distract her to stop her from doing something or else the temper comes out! She gets, in the most girly way, mad when you don't let her do what she wants. At a restaurant this week, she told me "NO!" when I took a fork or something from her! I have been saying "No, No" to her so I guess she is getting the point! But when she succeeds and does or gets something she isn't supposed to, she has the biggest grin and giggles while running away! That's the spunky side! I watched some kids at church in the nursery last week and she was with me. If someone had a toy she wanted, she had no qualms about snatching it from them, even when they were twice her size. She just pushed them out of the way. Then she has started squealing, mostly when happy, but will do it when you take something away from her, too. I for see us having those mother/daughter arguments a lot sooner than I thought! We already fight over her not sitting in the highchair, getting in her car seat, changing diapers....and the list goes on!
Wouldn't sit still for me! Many takes later.....

Other areas of change:
  • finally has a tooth! Popped out 3/22
  • Loves eating graham crackers or any type of crackers
  • Loves playing outside
  • Still very squirmy when changing her diaper or clothes
  • Practically running now, not just a slow toddle
  • Wants to scavenge thru everything-cabinets, shelves, bags, etc.
  • Does not want to sit still while eating!
  • Seems to be saying "Thank you" sounds like "te to"; as well as "no"
  • loves to be outside!
  • her hair has a cute flip and some small curls...much longer!
  • loves to play peek a boo and to be tickled
  • loves to point at things while jabbering away
  • has no desire to drink from a sippy cup...all 6 different types I have tried!
  • has started dancing to adorable!
  • enjoying her new Zebra to ride and dolls to carry

She has grown some, 18 lbs 7 oz at last appt.. Wearing some 12 mos now and still some 9 mos. clothing.
I have had to go out and find some shoes for her since she is walking so well. The regular soled shoes I had already were hard for her to walk in. Plus, she would pull them off quickly...and chew on them. The soft ballet type shoes are great though for right now. Her hair just about has to be in a bow or else its a mess in her face. She tends to leave them alone most times. Anxious to see if it lightens up this summer. Right now its a lighter brown.

Such a big girl, proud of herself!

Since I always update on sleeping and eating......
She is finally not eating at night! I have tried to keep her from eating until 6 am the last couple weeks and have been successful however she still wakes up once before that and needs to be laid back down with paci. So she sleeps from 8:30-7:30 waking once then eating at 6 or 6:30. Naps are a little random, but when at home, she sleeps around 11 for an hour then 3:30 for another hour. Some days we are out and about missing her morning nap. She seems flexible though and will just sleep earlier and longer in the afternoon. On to eating! She nurses 4 times a day still and eats 3 meals with us. I attempt to get a couple jars/tubs of food in her but she doesn't always stay still long enough to eat that. Most of her diet consists of bread, toast, crackers and cheerios here lately! She wants to self feed but without teeth its hard to find things she can eat on her own. The banana in the fresh food holder still keeps her occupied. She also has tried broccoli, green beans and ice cream here lately that she seems to like!

We still get a lot of people saying she looks like Tyler, however some are beginning to see me in her. I think she looks more like me but has his smile. Garyn looks a lot like Tyler with my hair color, so its a fun mix anyway you slice it!
I guess that is enough about our Spunky Monkey! One last picture though, speaking of monkeys, I had to put this one in of both of them in a tree. (no fear, Nana was right behind holding on to Ansley.)

We love our little monkeys!

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