Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quick Steppin' 10 month old

Well, it has already come and gone. Last Saturday, Feb. 25th, she turned 10 months old! So technically she is already 10 months and a week now. In three weeks she will be 11 months and the big 1 in about 7 weeks! Oh my, my stomach just turned. If you can't tell I want it to slooow down!
(Side note: I have had blogging difficulties and have had to find a new way to upload pictures. Very frustrating! But I think I got the hang of it now! Plus, we have been sick a lot lately. All had stomach bug this weekend and now Garyn is coughing his head off)

So yes, she is getting bigger and looking more like a little girl. Her hair, as you can see, has gotten thicker and longer. She lets the bows stay in more now. Sonja/ Nana said the other day the wind was blowing her hair and she kept touching it trying to figure out what was going on.

Other areas of growth:
  •  weighing about 18 lbs
  •  wearing size 9-12 mos.
  • size 3 in diapers
  • sill has no teeth!

She loves attention. Smiling and laughing at anyone who will talk to her! And she wants to be in the center of attention all the time! She also wants to be in the middle of everything. Grabbing at your phone while trying to talk; climbing up into your lap to blog; wanting to sit at the table instead of in her highchair, climbing into the refrigerator when you are putting groceries away.........all of which are times we have to constantly redirect her to try to keep her happy. Unless she is asleep or in the toilet water in the room next door you can't get much done around her. A new trait she has taken on since walking.
Every time I go to do something in another room, I risk coming back to find her in the toilet, in the trash, climbing on something, pulling the cat's tail or licking the cat's bowl. She gets into the cereal boxes, eats pine cones, chews on Garyn's shoes, unrolls the toilet paper or eats Garyn's art paper. It has become a full time job here lately! But I do love every minute of it and she hasn't done anything that can't be rectified!

That smile and her little laugh make up for it all anyway! Except when you aren't letting her do what she wants, she is smiling constantly. She is starting to play peek a boo, do some motions to patty cake, wave better, point, dance and most recently, hug. She still only says "mama" "dada" "bye bye" and "nana" but not necessarily to ask for anyone or at the right time. However, she definitely lets you know what she wants! Garyn loves to act like she is chasing him still and she is catching on more to this game now. She will follow him some then turn around to catch him coming around from the other side. Here is a short video of her playing peek a boo with her shirt....

Eating wise, Ansley is still completely in control! Some days she will eat 3 good meals plus nurse 4-5 times. Others she might take a few bites but want to nurse longer and just as often. I think she is going to be somewhat picky and definitely finicky! She doesn't like the chunks of food in the baby food but will eat table food pretty well. She eats crackers, toast, rolls, scrambled eggs and cheerios well. Also, sometimes she will eat mashed potatoes. We just try to feed her and get more if she is eating well. And I am trying to get her to sleep through the night or at least not eat during the night but thats not what she wants and she lets us know! When I try to let her cry or just lay her back down, she yells and screams louder or wakes up every hour until I feed her. I know I have got to just push through but haven't drummed up the courage yet!

Speaking of sleep......she is doing well for nap at home sleeping for at least an hour and sometimes 2 hours twice a day. I lay her down and might go in one time to lay her back down but she crys a lot less than she used to. On the other hand, she has been fighting sleep more when elsewhere like church and Nanas. Sometimes even in the car she refuses to sleep and just gets fussier and fussier. ( BTW, she still doesn't like being in the car for long) At night, she has been consistently going to bed at about 8 and waking around 7 with a feeding around 3. We have gotten better about reading a book at night (she used to just eat and then we prayed). She enjoys the books as long as they are short and sweet. She gets too side tracked if you don't turn the page fast enough!

Her brother is one of her most favorite people. He can make her happy fast and helps us entertain her a lot! I loved seeing this the other day right after we picked him up from preschool.......

As I said, she still has no teeth and does this grandma-grin every so often. So funny!

Here is a short video of her walking better from a couple weeks ago. She is walking a lot better now, though. I just loved Garyn's encouragement in the background :)

I still thank God every day for this sweet blessing. Don't know what we would do without her!

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