Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New residents...

Spring is here and I love all the green and flowers popping up. Its amazing how the brown barren ground and trees can bring forth so much beauty. God made such an amazing circle of life that no one else could design.

Amongst the green and flowers, birds are chirping away building nests. One little bird family has found its niche right on our front door! We have a flower door hanger with fake flowers in it. A couple weeks ago, I kept seeing birds working and realized they were making a nest on the door. Even cooler, the hanger is in front of the window so if you are sitting on the far end of the couch, you can see the nest perfectly. We thankfully don't use this door too much, because they are skittish once you walk up to the door.

But I can't wait to watch the growth of this little family. AND feel it is so cool the timing of our little family growing along with this bird family. We can be up all night together! Well, not sure the birds sleep all night anyway.

(Momma/Daddy bird staying back since I am lurking behind the door)

Our most important new little resident will be here before we know it. Ansley's due date is April 25th! Can't believe it myself, I feel its gone fast yet seems I have been hearing, talking, and learning about her for so long. I am anxious about "the change" our family is about to experience. I want to enjoy it so much, and for Garyn to enjoy it! That is the part I feel will be the most unpredictable. I hope I just hold it together and not put too many expectations on "the change."  We are talking a lot about his role as a big brother with all the advantages it has! He seems to like talking about how he can help and definitely wants to hold her.

(Garyn with his big brother shirt)

That being said, I know we will be fine and adjust with time. Just like every other family!
Here is the latest pic of our little girl. I am beginning to think she is going to constantly stick her tongue out or be smacking her lips. She has had her tongue out and been working that mouth in most of the ultrasounds. Last week, Dr. Brody got a  picture of her in the act:

(This is all her face: forehead-eyes-nose-fat cheeks-and a tongue sticking out. Do you see it? She looks like a chubby thing with a big nose! Garyn thinks it is funny that she has her tongue stuck out. )

I just can't wait to see what her personality is like. Nana, also born in April, says that according to her sign, she will be strong willed. Speaking of being born in April, we have several family members with birthdays in April. We'll see if Ansley has her own date or shares it with a relative!

(This is from 2 weeks ago now, Garyn took it before I went to work one night)

Back to nesting, it has begun inside the house, as well as on the front door. All the home projects and bedroom changes going on has gotten me frantic to get settled! Tyler is in full swing with baseball so it has been mind boggling for him to find time to finish the things I can not do. Well, let me say mind boggling for me. He keeps wondering what the rush is! However, he is on spring break this week and getting a lot done. So I have high hopes for finally being done with the big stuff! Then I can move on to the little details like getting the playroom re situated and Garyn's room reorganized (with his bunk beds!). All of this coming second to finishing the nursery! :)

Other than nesting, I am sleeping less; having more heartburn; going to the bathroom at least hourly; and getting out of breathe and tired more. Its all worth it though!

So how is your spring popping up?!

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  1. well, you already know what I have to say about strong willed April babies... :)



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