Thursday, March 10, 2011

Freezer cooking recap....

Last week, I finally was able to do some freezer cooking. I haven't had many Tuesdays free which is when Garyn is at mother's day out. I am either working the night before or have had doctor's appointments.

I got a good bit done, but not as much as I originally wanted. I also had a major flop trying a new recipe.

I have been wanting to make some type of pizza pockets and I got this recipe from a kids-meal-ideas website. First off, they were really small, so after making a few I made the circles bigger. And then you couldn't put much filling in or else they overflowed. Then I cooked them. As you can see the filling spilled out and the crust is dry having a strong corn meal taste (corn meal is the main ingredient). I just don't think they will get eaten. I threw out all but the ones that weren't overflowing. Oh well, I'll try a different recipe next time.

I did try some new burritos and they are good! I made the normal Brown Bag Burritos and some chicken burritos that I made up along the way. Basically, they have everything the Mexican Chicken Casserole has in it. Rice, shredded chicken, rotel tomatoes, corn, black beans, cheese and salsa. I let all this simmer together a little while and then rolled them up just like the brown bags. I did add some sour cream when rolling up but stopped because it was just melting from the heat and I worried about freezing and then reheating it.
I also made the Mexican Chicken Casserole which as usual I divided into 2 separate dinners. Then I tried money saving mom's brown sugar twists. I like them but will add more sugar and cinnamon next time. They aren't quite sweet enough for us. But are great dipped in honey!

I also froze some cooked ground hamburger meat and shredded chicken for use in other meals. So here is the final tally:

2 Mexican Chicken Casseroles
10 Brown Bag Burritos
10 Chicken Burritos
bag of shredded chicken
not pictured:
bag of cooked ground beef
20 brown sugar biscuit twists
and a few pizza empandas

I may try to have a smaller freezer day in the next couple weeks. I had some meat recipes I wanted to try that are just marinated or somehow prepared meats to add sides to when making dinner. We'll see if I can get some more stocked away before Ansley comes! Less than 7 weeks until my due date!

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