Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Complete vs. Incomplete

My, February is over?! I know it is the shortest month but it seemed even shorter....time just doesn't slow down so you would think we would be accustomed to it but we aren't, are we?

The internet has been down lately with the storm so I am finally tallying the goals of February and to quickly post them I am listing them in a completed and uncompleted fashion...


-Had a great Valentines with my husband. We went to P.F. Changs and saw the movie "Unknown" which turned out really good (But we did this the weekend after Valentines and Tyler was unusually disturbed that I did nothing special on the actual day which I never really saw him that day because of working)

-Had a wonderful time at the Women's Retreat last weekend

-We ate with some friends a couple different times once at their house and once at ours without the hubby's

-Tyler loved his Honduras trip which also makes me happy

-We spent so much time playing Wii games, not sure if that's a great thing or not, but Garyn has loved every minute of it.

-Garyn and I have also spent a good amount of time with learning, he is getting better at writing his name and even wanted to write it this morning at MOPS, he needs lots of help, but I am proud that we got that far in a month.

-Finished cleaning out Garyn's clothes that he could not wear anymore

-Housework has been easier since I have kept it routine to clean a bathroom or mop each day rather than letting it buildup

-I had a Freezer day yesterday, which is technically March but I'm counting it! lol!

-I got the baby bed sanded and started painting it, I also think I have the dresser thing solved

-Did all I could do to the master bath and blogged on it! Yea, one more project done!

-Tyler began the french door/deck project and it has gone smoothly so far!

-I have researched some preschools & think I have chosen one, but still going to look at a couple more

-Prayer study is almost done, it has been great, and devotion time has been a lot more of a priority for me!
  This past weekend at the women's retreat helped me to make it even more of a priority.

-Budgeting has gone good, I like having the limits for shopping. We are still saving but nothing has really been set aside for the vacation yet

-I have worked on the JBF items

-Garyn has an appt for the dentist! We will see how that goes!

-Sold 4 items on Ebay, nothing big but its better than them sitting in the basement!


-I didn't get the dresser cleaned off

-Did not paint Ansley's name sign

-Did not hang the pictures or the mirror in the hall

-I didn't get to reading any of the books suggested at MOPS...not sure when that will get done

-Still haven't made appt for dogs, really need to do this before Ansley is born!

-We had lunch at home a lot, unsure if I really kept options for Tyler, he is a little pickier and can't do much more than use a microwave when at school

Be on the lookout for March goals tomorrow...

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