Monday, April 4, 2011

Tally of March Goals

March goals


-Enjoy the month with life as I know it now, it is all about to change! No sleep, more responsibilities, more laundry.....but a new little life to love and hold, as well! Feel we have spent some quality time together

-Have one date night- We sort of did this, but Garyn was with us. We took him to see Rango and I felt good about spending time with him since he is about to be fighting for our attention I'm sure

-Do as many things outside with Garyn as weather permits!  We have been to a lot of baseball games where Garyn has played hard with other kiddos outside.


-I have lots of painting to do for Ansley's room...finish baby bed, start changing table, and possibly paint a dresser The bed, dresser, and changing table are all painted and in the of nursery to come

-Help Tyler with deck/french door project as much as possible the project is close to done on the inside, post to come

-Paint Ansley's name sign check!

-Paint Easter door hanger with Garyn that I bought last year on sale Its cute but can't hang on door because of the new residents we have! I have placed it on the door coming from the garage instead


-possibly do a small freezer cooking day- didn't do this but thats ok

-continue to cook/ eat at home all but what we budget for- we have done pretty good at this


-try to keep cleaning habits up so that I feel the house is basically clean

-finish cleaning out anything that will not stay in Ansley's room

-wash new clothes and bassinet bedding for Ansley had 3 showers this month (smaller ones, but still 3 showers) so I have been washing and going through lots of girly things!


-keep working with Garyn on writing his name He can write it almost without any help! He just needs some prompting on the G and y

-work on counting to 30 without any glitches- pretty much there, I can stop him if he messes up and he can correct himself without me telling him what he said wrong

-keep looking at preschools did this some...still need to make a descision


-tally up Jan. and Feb. expenses for next years tax deductions- balanced check book but didn't do excel sheet

-stay on top of budget and weekly cash flow

-start saving for beach trip half way started...not as well as I would have liked


-Continue morning quiet time- have done it most of the week, I have just had a harder time sleeping so I sometimes hit snooze....wish I could say that is a good excuse but it still isn't

-Keep prioritizing devotion/Bible reading- I have done ok, once again, feel it has been hard to focus on anything but preparing for Ansley especially towards the end of the month


-wash and take dogs yearly shots!- appt has been made! going next week

-take JBF sale items

-wash and list cups for eBay and anything else I may find  didn't sell but they are listed again
feel it was a productive month! April is here already and may be a different story!

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