Sunday, April 10, 2011

Room change ups!

Well, I finally have everything to a satisfactory point in order to post pictures. We have had a lot of moving around going on it seems like. I was glad to get it done because I am beginning to get tired fast. Only 2 weeks until her due date!

First, we had taken the window out, if you remember, of the den/ playroom. Tyler and some baseball players put the french door in and then Tyler had to sheet rock around it.

(Tyler preparing to take out the window. I was soooo worried about it breaking!)
(It got out and to the truck without breaking...whew... then they started framing for the door)

(Door and sheet rock in, and painted!)

(Garyn in his playroom. We had to rearrange the room some.)

(Next we just have to figure out what to do with this fireplace. Suggestions welcome! We are thinking of painting, tiling, or even sheet rocking over some of the brick.....)

Well I am glad that all got done before she comes, it was stressing me to have unfinished walls and toys covered with sheets because of the dust. The lighting and view is different but the access to a deck and yard is going to make such a difference. We still need to do base board and the deck is not done, but isn't that the way it goes..? You get parts of it done at a time and then months later the rest will get done!

When we started on Ansley's room, it meant the things had to come out of her room including a twin bed that matched Garyn's bed. We had been given these beds before Garyn was even born and thought they made bunk beds but couldn't really remember. Well, Tyler finally figured it out. Garyn is loving the fact he has bunk beds. Although, we don't have the ladder and rail that it is supposed to go with it. Tyler is going to make one. Right now we are happy he can't get up there on his own. Although, we put his toddler rail there so that he could play up there when supervised and in case anyone does need to sleep up there.
I also had to move his room around a little since the rocking chair went to Ansley's room and that table came out of the playroom. So all 3 rooms had furniture switching from room to room!

Lastly, the nursery! The room had been used as a guest room (and junk room) and was already a lavendar color. My favorite color is purple so I was looking for bedding to match and didn't want to repaint the room.
Well, that was a lot harder than I thought! Or else I was just picky about the bedding. I didn't want anything to frilly, princessy, or expensive. I finally found something I liked on Target's website in the clearance section. Ordered it and it was back ordered.....then I was told it was not going to come...oh about a month ago. So I had to start from scratch just a month ago! Thankfully, I quickly found an alternative at a consignment sale. I admit it is not my absolute favorite, but I really like it and have started liking it more since getting it all pulled together.
(The bed was mine when I was a baby and the changing table I got at Goodwill. Both are freshly painted. And I painted her name on the wall.)
(The dresser came from a yard sale and was also painted white. I really struggled with the layout because the room quickly shrunk as we started putting things in.)
(The walls almost look white in these pictures, but they are a light purple)

This is the name sign I made for her. Can't wait to fill it in!

Well there is the room changes we have been busy on! Hope you like them!


  1. Everything looks great, Sarah! Not too much longer til we get to see her sweet face!!

  2. Wow! The playroom looks sooo different! I must come see everything in person soon! Matt could help put some natural stone on the fireplace! That's how I like them!



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