Friday, April 22, 2011

Showered with love!

Since Ansley isn't here still, I thought I would blog about the wonderful showers I was given this pregnancy.

I, honestly, didn't expect much with it being my second. Our Sunday School class normally does a luncheon for diapers and wipes so I anticipated that. As well, work girls normally have had showers for others. So that's 2 showers and was going to be great! However, I ended up having 4 showers total!
Both mine and Tyler's family gave me a shower! To say the least, I feel blessed and appreciate all that my friends and family have given me or I should say Ansley!

We had the Sunday School shower at Olive Garden towards the end of February. I didn't get a ton of pictures of the event but was glad I got some. Garyn was there and helped me open the presents. He got a present from Nana, too, a blue Wii remote. That Nana thinks of it all, she wanted to make sure he didn't feel left out!

I got lots of diapers, some clothes, and toiletry items. It was a great lunch with some great friends!

Then, towards the end of March, I had 2 showers in one week. Our living room looked like pepto and grapes for a few days until I got all the stuff put away!

The work shower was more than I expected, with lots of people and presents. My friend, Tara, set it all up so nice. Garyn was there again and when I went to hold my friend's new baby, we got a glimpse of how he might be with Ansley.....
 He was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't wait for me to sit down so he could hold her! I will definitely need to watch for him to be picking her up when we aren't looking!

                                                                    Stuffing our faces.....

Belly pic, 35 weeks and 3 days
 The two girls to the left, one in black and one in pink, are also pregnant. The one furthermost left in black is having an Ansley, too! She came to me before she had announced she was pregnant and just after I had announced we were using Ansley. She said it was her top girl name, and hoped it would be ok for her to use it if she got pregnant and had a girl! Of course, I said yes and had a hunch she was already pregnant! So her Ansley will be here around July 12th.

Love all my great work friends! The presents were wonderful with many clothes, diapers, some handmade items and even a car seat and stroller!

Later that weekend, we went down to Georgia for my family shower. My cousin Lindsey and her mom, my aunt, spent a lot of time on the details. With the help of other aunts and cousins, it was so cute and I felt blessed that they wanted to do this for me again (they had given me one for Garyn).

As all the others, I was overwhelmed with the generosity of my family. We got lots of clothes, diapers and toiletries. Garyn and I even got some baskets of treats!

Lastly, at the beginning of April, Tyler's family did a luncheon for me. I, unfortunately, took no photos! Oh, I was so aggravated at myself when I left, cause I had even brought my camera to take them. But we had a great lunch at Rafael's (sp?) in Soddy and I got several cute outfits and bedding items. I love Tyler's family as my own since I have known them since I was a teenager. I am grateful to feel just as much of the family as I possibly could. I know if I ever needed them, I could call them just as easily as my own family.

I can't wait to see Ansley in all the cute outfits she has gotten. I already feel she has more than Garyn had or even has now! Why is that? I think there are a lot more to choose from for girls. And its harder to interchange pieces with girls. The different patterns and pinks make it to where a certain top can only be worn with the matching pants or skirt. Of course, there are solids and eventually jeans that can go with different things. But for the boys, they have basic colors and patterns that are easy to put with many different outfits. I have already said I am going to have to keep matching outfits together for Tyler to dress her. Otherwise, he'll have her in a floral print that totally clashes with a stripe pant or something!

Well, everything is washed and put away in her nursery. Everyone is asking and anticipating to get a call. And just like a typical girl, Ansley is making us all wait! Thank you again to all my family and friends who may read this for showering us with love!

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  1. Ooohhhhh I am so excited! Can't wait to meet that sweet baby girl!!!



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