Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cycle of Life

Its amazing how God created life! Even more, how life cycles. For some, sooner than for others.

Last weekend, we realized the baby birds had hatched. Although, they looked like small balls of fur rather than birds. We cautiously took a peak:
I know it is so hard to see them, but that gray area down in the sticks are them. I believe there were 5 eggs, but never wanted to get too close so unsure as to how many birds hatched.

We held Garyn up and let him see the birds. He really seemed to understand and was excited that they had hatched.

But for whatever reason, life was short for these little birds......I went by the door Tuesday morning and noticed the flowers were gone out of the tin pail. When I opened the door, it was evident something had deliberately destroyed the nest of birds.....

Be thankful you can't distinguish much on the mat because it was a little gruesome. I don't know if other birds did this or a cat or our cat . As you can tell, the door is set in from any ledges or the flower holders so I can't see how a cat could reach it to pull that long stem of fake flowers out and not knock the tin pail over. But it could be possible, I suppose. I just felt so sad that morning.

As stated earlier, life is a cycle of birth to death. The days in between are numbered for us all; God knows those numbers, not us. We must live the best we can for Him while we are here and be glad we have what days we have.

On another note, my egg has not hatched yet! Tyler told me this morning before church I looked like an Easter egg. Little Miss Ansley hasn't decided to make her appearance yet. Some days I am tired, achy and ready while others I am enjoying the time with Garyn and decently long sleep hours I am getting. I am still having lots of heartburn, achy-ness and just plain uncomfortable legs/hips at night, and it is harder to do somethings. Putting on my shoes and putting on Garyn's clothes and shoes are proving to be more of an exercise everyday. Garyn jumps and wiggles a lot right now with everything, not just putting on clothes. When we are walking, brushing his teeth, bathing him, at the dinner table.....and the list could go on, he is always moving. I am trying to not get too inpatient with him but when I am bending down or trying to hold his hand or trying to put him in the buggy, its hard not to want to scream sometimes! 

Easter Egg at 38 weeks and 5 days

I love him to pieces, though, and think each night what if today was our last day just me and him. Its hard not to think about how not only is my life or Tyler's life about to change, but our 3 year old's life is about to change, too. He is just beginning to understand this family and our routines. But I know he will love her and will bounce quickly into this new routine we will have. Please pray for us all as her delivery approaches and the transition begins!

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  1. How sad about the birds :(

    I remember the feeling thinking about the years Braxton and I had together. I was sad b/c I know he won't remember when it was just me and him and all we did together. But, the good news is, Ansley will fit perfectly in with you guys, and you wonder how something so new fits so well into a family. The sibling love will just be flowing and nothing else will matter! Nothing beats it! Praying for you guys!



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