Thursday, May 13, 2010

This Week's $60 and cleaning


Shaving cream- $2.99 OOP but got $3 ECB to use on next purchase

Nature’s Bounty men’s multivitamin- $7.99 for 2

Kashi- Heart to Heart cereal- free (got a free product coupon from vocalpoint)

Trident gum- $1.49 (not on sale just Garyn’s treat)

Total paid out of pocket- $7.73


Welch’s juice - $1.65

Popsicles- $2

9 Lives cat food 12 cans- $1.62 for all

Hunt’s Ketchup- $0.40 each

Publix toilet tissue- Publix penny item

Stouffer’s skillet- FREE $2.5o and had a $2.50 coupon

Fiber one yogurt- $0.25

Breyer’s ice cream $2.49

John Frieda hairspray and gel- $0.99 ea

Granola bars- $0.57

GE light bulb- $0.39 !!


M&M cookie (another Garyn treat)

Total- $16.29!!

Clear Care Contact cleanser- $11.99 for both plus $3 ECB
Bumble Bee Tuna- FREE
Covergirl Lip gloss- $2.50 for two
Right Guard- $1.49 plus $2 ECB
Kotex U- $3.99 plus $5 ECB
Crest Toothpaste- $2.75 plus $3.50 ECB
So when I did 3 different transactions to use ECBs on next purchase my out of pocket (oop) was only $14.86 and I have $5 in ECBs. I should have split up one and done another transaction to use those ECBs but I thought I would be able to use them on a prescription I had to pick up. But I really needed the Clear Care and that was a great price on it so I am ok with it and can use the ECBs next time!
Satin Care travel- $0.44
Kleenex hand towels- $0.99 (I think I am going to use this in my car, they seem a little wasteful....)
Pamper's Wipes- $0.39
Total: $2.14
(Not Pictured and Not Counting)
Big box of Pampers- $16.99 (These aren't counting because they are for gifts, but I used a Target coupon that was for the above wipes and these, plus a coupon on each item and that's why they were both cheap)
Overall total: $41.02!
From the looks of these numbers I may be able to lower my weekly budget or add in gifts!
I cleaned the fridge today and organized it. I love when I do this, although, it is tedious. I even made a list of most of the things in the freezer so that I wouldn't keep buying items I already have 3 or 4 of, and hopefully I'll use them now that I know they are there! I have a question, too. What is the difference in the drawers as far as putting fruit in or veggies. I know there is a difference and have no idea. My drawers even have those chill adjusters, but I don't know if I am using them right......any experience out there?
I know you just were dying to see those pictures! Sorry if this is a lame post......
More interestingly, we are leaving soon for this mysterious trip Tyler has planned. I am ready to relax and have fun. I really don't care where we go. I have discovered that part of the reason for this trip is because Saturday afternoon he is going to a scrimmage football game somewhere a couple hours away and I was a little frustrated with him about it. We haven't had a weekend were we both were home in awhile. But it is working cause I am ok with him going now that he is surprising me with this trip.
This guy has my number, don't you think.....
And no, I didn't just complain so that he would do something for me!


  1. Hope you two are off romancin'!

    Have fun!

    .mac :)

  2. I agree about the Kleenex hand towels...
    jealous of your trip!



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