Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coolidge Fun!

Today we had our Coolidge play date! Several Sunday School ladies came with their kiddos. We have been "Eating our way through Chattanooga A-Z" as a girl's night/lunch for the past few months. "J" is the letter we are at now. We were having a hard time coming up with a fun "J" place that was kid friendly (we bring kids to the lunches and try to be kid free for dinners). Julie's Darling Donuts was suggested and we changed things up a little to include it. The donuts there are absolutely to die for! Being that it is right across from Coolidge, we had a picnic lunch, let the kids play and then got a donut from Julie's! We had 7 ladies and 9 kids from ages 8 mos to 4 yrs. Lots of fun!
Here are the pics I took on my phone. (Forgot the camera again, so there weren't many great ones)

I just love play dates and great friends!

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  1. I saw you guys were doing this on FB. I so wanted to come, but we had so much to catch up on from our Monday trip to Dollywood!

    I will have to be on the next adventure!

    .mac :)



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