Tuesday, May 4, 2010

May Goals

May is here already and I am feeling productive. We'll see how that goes for the month....

  Play date at Coolidge
  Game night...I so hope we can do it this month!
  Take Garyn to "The Beach"
  Go to Six Flags with friends at work

  Paint in basement some more
  Hang pictures in basement
  Plant small garden ( Tyler does not want to do a garden this year, but I do, so I am going to do a
     smaller one. I have got to get on it this week!)

  Work on scrapbook
  Coasters! I am determined!!

  meal plan every week
  Freezer Cooking Day
  2 new meals a week

  Deep clean: 1) fridge & microwave      2) put away winter jackets and sweaters
                    3) clean dresser tops off    4) under couches and beds
  Continue staying on top of laundry and dishes
  Clean & vacuum out car
  Give dogs a bath

  Itemize last 4 mos for taxes ( I wanted to do this monthly and have done nothing! It makes it so   much easier when I do it though when taxes come around)
  Continue cash only for groceries and begin for eating-out!
  Keep saving for trips

  Push veggies still
  Start Tyler on multi vitamin
  Do a P90X video at least twice a week (I have got to do something!)
  Limit our desserts and research some healthier ones
  Wash face before going to bed (night or morning)

  Start reading "Don't Make Me Count to Three" by Ginger Plowman
  Stay on top of daily Bible readings
  Read Bible stories with Garyn as much as possible


  1. We must visit "the beach" too! Good luck with the 2 new meals a week thing...that can get challenging! Oh, and I would say let's do the P90X thing together but I would be SOOO embarrassed of what I would look like. HA!

  2. I'm bad about not washing my face at night, too! If I stay at Hannah's I'll usually do it because I don't want to look like a monster in the morning, but if I'm at home I don't do it that often. I've got to start doing it more often as well.



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