Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Menu Plan and withdrawals

Monday- Spaghetti Pie
Tuesday- Mexican Chicken Casserole
Wednesday- Barbecue Chicken sandwiches
Thursday- Breakfast??

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are iffy because Tyler has informed me not to make any plans. He even wanted to know if there was a way I could get off work Friday night. I am not sure what he has up his sleeve, but I like surprises. I just hope he can keep it a secret! He isn't always good about being careful in what he says around me. Or maybe I am just trying to put things together to figure it out!

Can I just say that I love making meal plans, but I have to keep in mind it can change. Or I should say, Tyler can change it!  Spaghetti Pie is on the list because Tyler did not want it last week, I tried to change it to a different day and he still protested. So I made it yesterday, while he was taking a nap! He ate it without complaining and that's all that counts!

Yes, Tyler is a tricky one. He called me last week during the day and said, "Honey, I'm having withdrawals." I said, "To what?!" (you never know with men) He said, "To eating out, I feel like I haven't ate out in months! I'm tired of eating at home." He is truly addicted.

And now, we have a new goal to work on, not eating out for lunch! This guy has started calling us during the day to meet him for lunch. He is awful! He thinks since we are eating at home for dinner, he'll just get his fix at lunch. It is a rare opportunity for us to get to see him at lunch, so I have been falling for it! But here lately, work is less hectic for him and his planning period is during lunch so he calls. I am gonna have to work hard this summer while he is out of school to keep us from eating out one meal everyday! The thought tires me, whew!

I tell you most of the time it is easier to discipline Garyn than Tyler! Not that I discipline him, but he told me the other day, "You're my conscience, you keep me from doing anything and everything I shouldn't." I don't like having to be the bad guy, though. So I give in half the time and encourage the other!


  1. He is CRAFTY...like ice is cold...an angler...a planner...BEWARE....BEWARE...BEWARE...


  2. Thus sayeth my husband.

    ,mac :)

  3. I forsee you working very hard at not living in the resturaunts this summer!



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