Thursday, May 27, 2010


Remember my goal to go to Six Flags? Well, we did Monday and it was so much fun!!

I had not been in a long time, like 8 years. I have always had motion sickness, without throwing up, in the car, airplane, roller coasters......But had not been on a roller coaster since the last said trip. Well, my motion sickness has gotten worse! I rode the Ga Scorcher and was feeling a little dizzy and had a headache. {Which I came in with one from the car ride and am so used to the headache since I get it everyday when in the car, especially if I am not driving! If I am ever rididng with you and we are talking but I am looking straight ahead, I have a headache and looking about the car makes it worse. So don't feel that I am being rude.}

So we rode the log ride next, nothing bad there. Then we get on Goliath, and ride it twice in a roll since there was no lines. My name is definitely not David because Goliath defeated me!!! I felt a little nauseous and dizzy after the first time. I thought, maybe I shouldn't push myself but it was fun and everybody else was doing it!! LOL

So when the ride ended I looked over and told Mandi, friend from work, that I might throw up. And I really thought I could have, thankfully though, I held it together. However, I was not able to ride anymore rides for a couple hours! Everybody said I looked pale. I was spinning so bad, I had to lay down on the bench to try to stabilize myself. Whew! I will never push myself again and thank God for dramine!
Lessons learned: 1) Take dramine before riding rides
                       2) Only ride Goliath, or anything that flips you upside down and around, once

7 girls went from work and 1 was pregnant, Sandy.
So we rode some calmer rides for her; I benefited as well. :)
Above is Tiffany and Chrissy on the Carousel, below is Sandy and Sommer.....
Then myself and Ashley, who actually now lives in Atlanta and only works a couple nights a 
month with us now. It was great to see her!

Here is everyone on the raft ride, I had just started feeling better so I decided not to ride.
I secretly also didn't want to get soaked!
Sommer, the one in the pink & white stripes with her hand up, was the one that did not want to ride and get wet. She wasn't just wet, she was trenched! Poor thing!
We also rode the Antique Cars...

Sandy, the prego, and myself were chosen to drive since we weren't getting to ride much!

It was such a fun girls trip though! We just acted goofy, ate like pigs, and had a great time. This was the second annual trip, we said, and we'll be taking the third next year! I guess you are never too old to enjoy Six Flags!

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