Saturday, May 22, 2010

This week's $60

Huggie's Wipe Refill pack- $3.49
Crystal Light mix- 3 for $4.91
Dog food (not pictured)- $17.98
2 toilet bowl cleaners were $6.58 but I have decided not to include them since I only buy these once a year or so..... :)
Huggies wipes in dispenser (gift) I had a coupon for $2 off so it made it $0.49
Total: $28.82

Watermelon- $4.99 {cause Garyn loooves it and almost carried it out of the store}
Flour- $1.39
Apples- $2.49
2 dozen eggs- $0.79 each
bananas- $0.92 (this price is soo much cheaper but they are riper and so you can't buy many at once)
bread- $1.19
2 cans baked beans- $0.59 each

Total: $14.80

John Frieda hair products- 2 for $2
Clearasil pads- $2.83
Wesson oil- $1.32 (1 is for Nana)
Cream of mushroom soup- $0.89
Brownie mix- $0.70 (1 is for Nana)
Yo plait gogurt-$0.40
crescent rolls- $1.16 ea
Dannon Yogurt- $1.30

Total: $12.97

BiLo:Chef Boyardee cans- 5 for $4
No Yolk egg noodles- $0.75
Bic razor- $0.99
Parkay Butter sticks- $0.75 ea
Coffeemate creamer- $0.66
Milk- $3.65
Edy's Ice Cream- $4.50 for 2 {trying to lessen the Dairy Queen runs:)}
Lunchables sandwich- $1.50 {maybe Tyler will eat this for lunch instead of Subway}
Grape tomatoes- $2.50
 Baking potatoes and sweet potatoes- $4.38
Bananas {a.k.a. mananas}- $1.58

Total: $ 28.16

Grand Total $84.75
So you can see I went way over but remember this and this? I had some cushion and still didn't use all the money I had left over from the last 2 weeks. I enjoy being able to look back and have it written as to how much I spent and have left over!

1 comment:

  1. Good job, Rich!

    You are on it!

    I am still chugging away at it. Haven't tried Aldi yet. Think I will. Love the lower prices!

    .mac :)



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