Saturday, May 8, 2010

This week's $60

It wasn't a big week, but that means less money!
Bilo Purchase
bananas- bought 5 actually, but 2 got eaten on the way to Publix :)
meat- on sale for $1.99 lb - $9.99
Whiskas cat treats- $0.50 ea
dog biscuits- $0.99
Cortizone cream- $2.99 (needed)
dog shampoo- $3.41 (not cheap, but needed)
strawberries $1.99
Stonyfield organic yogurt- $0.49 for all 3
carrots- $0.99
Also, bought a newspaper.
Total: $26.40
Publix Purchase
Pop tarts *w/ fiber :)- $0.50 each
Carefree pantyliner- FREE
Sara Lee buns- $1.75
Olay face wash- $0.49
Chocolates for Tyler's mom- $5.99 *
Dove deodorant- $0.15 ea (!!)
Covergirl makeup- $2.75 ea
Yo plait yogurt- $3 for 8
granola bars- $1.19
9 Lives Cat food- $1.00
potato chips- penny item
plus a $50 gas card (deal was that if you buy one you get $10 off your total)
Total- $63.18
*I don't count the $5.99 chocolates cause it is a gift and then subtract the gas card.
That means I only spent $7.17!

Pull-Ups- $5.99
$8.99 - 2($1.50 coupons)
I also bought some baby gifts and a prescription that I don't count towards my $60

Tyler made a Monday Bilo purchase- milk, sour cream, and Snuggle softener.
I have no receipt (you know guys) but he says it was almost $5.
I sent him with a $3 off Snuggle coupon that was about to expire.
So the Snuggle was close to free!
Grand total for the week: $45.11


  1. I'm reading through your old $60/wk posts and just saw that you bought Cortizone cream! I can get that for you for FREE!! Let me know if you need Cortizone, Gold Bond Lotion, or Balmex, and it's yours!



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