Thursday, May 20, 2010

Our Dogs

I don't think I have ever written about our 2 dogs, nor shown pictures.
We have 2 Basset Hounds, Oscar and Daisy. Oscar is the male and our favorite {its OK to have favorites with dogs, I think}. We got Oscar at 6 weeks old after our first Basset had gotten run over. He was our baby for awhile, until he got bigger and in true Basset form wanted to eat everything, including Tyler's wallet. He also wanted to lay all over everything and was too hard to keep tamed. About that same time, we got Daisy and they both became outside only dogs. Daisy was a year old and while I can't be certain, she was either abused or completely ignored. She was from a breeder who was downsizing and stayed in a small kennel with her sister with little contact. From day one, she hasn't liked Tyler at all. She barks at anything and everything. Quite frankly, she is a little dumb! Oscar is smart; knows some commands; is Houdini and gets out of our fence frequently. We wanted to breed them, but it isn't working.......that's another story.
Well, we gave them a bath today as part of my monthly goals, so here they are.....

This is Daisy, the female, getting suds'd up

And Oscar, saying "seriously, you are taking a picture?"

Garyn loves giving them a bath. Although, I am the one doing the work. He just does a good job of getting the dogs and me wet! I always put him in a swim suit and let him play in the water, cause he gets soaked even if I don't. He really wanted the dogs to get in his pool with him....

I really still enjoy our dogs and want to make it a priority to spend more time with them.
They seemed so happy after their bath....


  1. aww! Even though I have come over to your house 1000 times, I don't even know much about your dogs. Braxton does...he will help you spend some of that time! The pictures are cute! I bet Garyn had fun in that pool. Looks like it felt gooood!!

  2. Awww...they are so cute! Have you ever read the Pioneer Woman's Blog? She has a bassett, and is always posting pictures of him. Do ya'll let them inside at all?



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