Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quick Updates

Well I have been busy lately........or at least too busy to blog

Quick list of what I have been up to in this richest life of mine.........

2 weekends ago, we went to eat at Steve's Landing for Sonja's birthday, aka Nana & my mom-n-law...Garyn got to see the boats and "quack quacks"

Then very hurriedly the next day, we went to see Thomas the Tank before I had to go to work
Garyn loved the ride (for the first half) and kept gazing out the window....about this time he was saying.....

" the water....bird...tweet tweet"...and so on ("no the water" comes from an incident he had falling into Poppa's pond....Poppa kept telling him "No, not in the water" then after he fell in he stood up and said "No the water" therefore every time we see water he adds "no the water", guess he learned his lesson

After the ride, we feed goats and sheep that were not afraid of us one bit. Garyn surprised me and ran right in there....he wasn't afraid either

Playing with the "choo choo"s

Then on Monday we drove down to Ga near my brother's house and got sod for our bare hole in the front yard (from where we cut down a tree). It was very cheap and we got to visit fam a little. Tuesday it got put down with the help of Matt (Braxton's dad and our friend from church) so we feed he and his family dinner.

Wednesday's are dollar days at the zoo and we took our bud Braxton to go. Braxton just got a new little brother and so I figured his mommy needed some rest. It had changed a lot since the last time I had been, ohh 10-12 yrs ago.

This pot belly pig was in a gnarly mood. You couldn't get too close without getting snarled out or spit on....this is Braxton, by the way.
You can see the kiddos in the back ground running away, Garyn decided to look from a far.
I thought this was cute.....

We had picnic lunch on the bleachers, I think Braxton was telling him to look at the camera.

Carousel ride

We also started swim lessons at the Y on Tuesdays/Thursday night, very fun to spend that time with him in the water...will get some pics a little later when he is more "experienced"!

Then after working Friday night, we went down to my brothers to help him tap into the county water line. We originally were going to lay sod at there house but the rain is postponing that. You can see they have Ga red clay...they had well water and that red clay makes its way into everything. My sis n law has complained for years about it ruining there clothes and tubs/ was funny when Tyler asked for a white undershirt (because he forgot his) and she said "I don't buy white, will gray do?" She will be able to now that they have city water! Garyn learned the word "tractor" this weekend......

So then I worked Sun and Mon night, because Friday I leave for New York!!

I am excited but a little nervous about leaving Garyn and also about this swine flu fiasco. Be praying for us all and I'll post more once I get back.


  1. Lots of fun pics, sister!!!

    You have been busy. I bet Garyn loved that tractor!

    Have fun in New York! Garyn will be just fine! Enjoy yourself!!

    .mac :)

  2. Thanks for all the fun pictures!! I can't believe how many words Garyn says now.



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