Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Switching Gears....

Summer is pretty much over so now we are switching gears into new routines....

Tyler is back at work, not sure he ever left, but now he must be there all day everyday.

Football season is in full swing. I love the games and Garyn seems to, as well. Every Friday will be spent at football games for awhile. We haven't missed a game yet! After every game, we always go down and see Daddy, that's Garyn's favorite part! Here is a pic of Garyn his first football season. Daddy couldn't wait to get him down on the field.

Here is a video of him dancing last year.....he loves to dance (sorry for the sideways view, note to you moms: you can't flip the image around when you turn your camera to take a video vertically)

Other changes in our routine is that I am working 2 nights in a row, in order to go to the football games. This makes it harder for me in that I don't see Tyler at all from Sunday lunch time until Tuesday after football practice. And I only see Garyn for a couple of hours on Monday before going back to work. I dread working now, but like having 4 full days off in between.

I have to admit, I was craving routine again. I love the summers when Tyler is around more and we get to go on vacations. However, things like cleaning, sticking to the budget, devotion time, and eating at home tend to get pushed aside. I am trying to bring all of those things back in focus now.

Garyn is switching gears, too, as he is forever growing and changing. Sleeping patterns are at the top of the list as of late. We are still having nighttime troubles and now naps are getting shorter and harder. He is talking like crazy; singing a ton; loving puzzles and his trains; and constantly trying to get his way!

I love the fall season because of these changes and because it means Thanksgiving/Christmas is around the corner! YIKES!

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  1. I really liked the title to this post, Sarah! Love the new picture up top too! Black looks great on you guys!

    Routine settles me too. I feel better and more "accomplished" if that makes any sense at the end of the day.

    Good luck on the night time routines...don't beat yourself happens to us all.

    .mac :)

    p.s. Let's set up a pool date!



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