Saturday, July 28, 2012

5 years and 15 months

Tuesday my oldest turned five. 5! I still can't believe I have a son that age. Everyone says those words, and I m sure I'll continue to say it the rest of my life.

I guess the fact that he is school age is what makes it more daunting. However, he will not be going to Kindergarten this year. Tyler and I decided before he was born that being a boy with a late summer birthday, he wouldn't start till he turns six. Over the last couple years, we have questioned that though, especially since he is more than ready academically. He is reading, counting to 100, and can write fairly well. I tried hard not to brag too much when at the doctor Thursday for his 5 year checkup. But when he asked if he could recognize his letters, I just had to snicker a little and say, "Yes, he can read, too." Then he asked how high he could count and looked a little shocked when I said 100. Even still, we are sticking to the fact that he will mature better this next year and throughout his school years being the older of the class and not the youngest.
{The two of them playing swords}

The day after he turned five; Anlsey became fifteen months old. I haven't done an update on her since her 1 year birthday and she has changed a lot since then. She is still as spunky as ever and even more demanding. I could just eat her up, though; she is so cute!

Ansley had her appointment on Thursday along with Garyn. I like when we can group them together like that. Ansley has grown in height but not weight. She is 32 inches which is the 90th percentile for her age. Her weight however is only in the 25th percentile at 19 lbs 4 oz. The doctor was not at all worried, though. Just said it was in her genes to be tall and skinny. He thinks she'll be at least 5' 8". Garyn weighed in at 50 lbs 6 oz which is in the 95th percentile and is 3' 11" tall which is in 97th percentile. Doctor thinks he will be 6'2" and 210 lbs. I just can't even fathom that right now! But that is about just like my brother. My nephew was there and I was telling him about my brother, niece and him being tall. Guess that's where they get it from. He keeps asking if Tyler is tall , like every appointment, and I keep saying no just average! At 5'6" to 5'7", I am not tall either so its going to be interesting to see if the doctors estimate is right.

Back to Ansley's weight....She is so active and eats a lot but its all junk food! The girl is picky about what table food she will eat. Grilled chicken, sandwich meat and spaghetti is about the only meats she will pick up to eat. Even still, she eat 2-3 bites and then demands the carbs or sweet part of the meal. She won't eat any veggies off her plate. Mashed potatoes, bread, cheese, cheerios, waffles, yogurt, watermelon, chips, and fries are most of her favorites. Oh and we can't forget the chocolate and ice cream! She also demands to drink whatever we are drinking! Like she will have her cup and push it off her high chair. When at a restaurant, she just climbs on the table to get to our drinks. Its sad but she drinks sweet tea, a lot! Dr. Pepper is another common thing for her. I promise I try to resist giving it to her. I have started getting water a lot more. But she still sees Garyn or Tyler's drink and pitches a royal fit if we don't give her a drink. DEMANDING I TELL YOU! We have resorted to hiding the cups behind the napkins or something. The things we do!
{She found some chocolate in this bucket!}

Fortunately, she still eats baby food well. I give her a jar at every meal to try to get veggies and meat in her. She will eat them in the 2nd foods just fine. I am hopeful that if I keep giving her the veggies on her plate she'll eventually start eating them. I think its a texture issue really. She still doesn't like the 3rd foods for babies that are chunkier. Milk wise- she will drink her whole milk well in the morning and at snacks. Not sure she is getting as much as she should but she at least likes it! We are still nursing about every other day in the early morning. If she wakes up anytime before 7, I get her back to sleep by feeding her. Some mornings she doesn't wake up and therefore we skip that day. I keep thinking we might be done but then when I try to rock her in the early am she wants to again. I have mixed feelings about letting go myself so I give in. :)

Other changes in Ansley......
She started taking only one nap about a month ago. Some days she will sleep over 2 hours but here lately its been about an hour and a half. She goes down super easy. All she needs is her paci and blanket with the humidifier on. She will even transition from the car if she happens to fall asleep there. Night time is about the same. When we first gave up her night feeding it was a little rough but now she goes down about 9. We read a book and say a prayer. She has gotten into looking at her books, pointing at the pictures and gibber-jabbering about them.
{She climbs into everything!}

She likes her animal books the best. Brown Bear, Brown Bear in particular which was one of Garyn's favorites, too. She says dog, kitty and will bark for the dog. She is also saying book, boat, tank you (thank you), E-i-e-i-o, oww (like ouch), chee (cheese), shew (shoe), Pop, no-no, ba be (baby), moaw (mine) and step. She also has switched to calling us mommy and daddy. And she really enunciates the "ee" at the end. Garyn still calls me "momma" so not sure were she got this from. It was like she spent a week singing "mom" sounds every time she wanted me then once she quit she was saying mommy instead. Of course, she still says bye and hey, more like "ey", and uh-oh. Everyone that takes care of her gets called mommy most of the time, even Tyler. And sometimes everybody gets called daddy. One day while in the store, she pointed to Paul McCartney on a magazine saying daddy. Tyler thinks I am hiding something. Lol.

Climbing on the table and chairs is still her favorite thing to do. She can also climb on the beds and get off on her own. She doesn't have much fear.

She still loves her paci and gets it frequently when unhappy. More like when we want give her what she wants! She and Garyn have started fighting a little. She will yank a toy from him and run off so then he yanks it back. I am still trying to decide how to handle that....can't say I blame him. Which reminds me, she doesn't respond to the little spankings much. She usually laughs or spanks me or herself saying "no, no!" I try hard not to laugh! So I am about to have to start figuring out how to keep from giving her everything she wants to avoid her pitching a fit. You noticed that she is saying mine, sounds more like a cat meow but she points at what she wants and screams it.

She has 5 teeth now. Her hair has gotten a lot longer and a little wild some days! I have started putting it in a little pony tail to get it out of her eyes. Her height is the only reason she is in 12-18 mo clothing. She does still wear some 9-12 mo. depending on what it is. I think she looks a lot like her dad right now. I still see myself sometimes though.

Well. there is my update on Ansley and a little on Garyn. I will post more with his birthday party on him.

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