Thursday, August 30, 2012

4th of July at the Beach 2012

(I am so behind on this. I did start a post in July and it didn't get saved before my computer died.)

Every year my dad takes us to the beach with my brother and his family. It is always right around the 4th of July. This year we decided to go to Gulf Shores. We had not been there yet for this family trip. After our short trip during Spring Break, Tyler and I really wanted to go back. Its a fun place to go with enough things to do and not too busy.

Most of our car riders on the way down.
We ate at some fun places. Having two kids, I love when a place offers entertainment for the children.
First place we went was "The Home of the Throwed Rolls" or Lambert's. It was yummy food and a lot of it! It was quite a wait but they had some play ground type toys for the kids. Then as soon as you get seated they start throwing rolls at you!
They were as big as her head!
And you get the fixings to go with them (apple butter or jelly). YUMMY! They also bring sides like fried okra and mashed potatoes that come with your meal. It was all yummy! There is even some magical jokes/tricks the waiters do.
Lorna, Karen (and Lakelin and Garyn)
And Tacky Jack's offers sand play and a pool table while you wait for a table and/or for your food.
 Of Course, we had a lot of fun out on the beach as well.
Lorna, Ansley and Garyn burring daddy in the sand
Daddy grew a chest :)
Ansley really seemed to enjoy herself down at the beach. However, there was no sitting down while watching her because she was all over the place.
She would go up to everyone around us to say "Ey" and wave. Then she typically went for their food or toys. No one was bothered by this sweet face though....
 Garyn, as usual, only wanted to hang out in the water. He enjoys jumping waves and tried out the boogie board some.
Anytime I tried to get a picture he would whine or do this....
(Shaking his booty)
(Only family pic from the week)

We let him keep his floaties on all the time so that I didn't have to stay right next to him.

Ansley had fun in the water some. She would let us hold her out in water but didn't like the shore where the waves crashed.

Best pic I could get of the two of them together...

Garyn and my nephew Lakelin. Garyn really looks up to him and they play decently well together. Although, I think by the end of the trip they were getting tired of each other....
Hanging out in the pool

Lorna and Aunt Karen played beauty shop a lot with Ansley's hair.
She got some cute braids.
She also loved Lorna's shoes.

Garyn's most favorite is to go play minigolf. I think we played 3 times while there!
Ansley has a little crush on Lakelin....

(Lorna golfing...can't believe how tall she is)

Ansley wanted to check out the race track.

We watched fireworks down on the beach. Garyn seems to understand these holidays more and more. He enjoyed the show. I attempted to get some pics....
Love my silly boy!
All in all it was a great trip. We always enjoy our time together and the lazy days of hanging out at the beach.

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