Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good deal

So you all know I love a good deal..
Here are my latest deals:

HUGE watermelon for $2.99, Garyn's favorite! (added to give you a pic of Garyn mostly)

Chicken breast and tenders for $1.50/lb (sorry for the lovely pic)

Gymboree shirt for Garyn, on sale for $2.99 plus 20% off, plus my own 20% off coupon = $1.97!

I asked before purchasing to make sure that $2.99 was right...all the other long sleeves were $12.99....she said it was YES! I got a brand new Gymboree shirt for $1.97!!

Then my biggest rack up:
5 pairs of pants
6 shirts
1 turtleneck sweater
4 items for Garyn
1 Lion halloween costume (not pictured)
ALL for $33 at Goodwill's half off Saturday!
Hope you all are finding some good deals out there!

1 comment:

  1. I am loving those deals! Especially because I was with you or a part of 3 of the 4!!!


    .mac :)



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