Saturday, August 7, 2010

August Goals

I know we are a week into the month already but I still would like to have some goals for the other 3 weeks!

Go swimming once a week
Invite some friends over for dinner
take Garyn to Sprayground
Have a date night with my hubby!
Feed the football defensive players one night (this is actually fun although it probably fits better under cooking)

Paint the end table (explanation later)
Keep my gardens and plants alive!
Paint downstairs some
Paint the living room wall completed today!

Have a playdoh day with Garyn ( I am always reluctant to get this out...)
Frame and hang picture collage

Freezer day! (didn't accomplish in July, must do this month!)
eat at home all but 3 meals a week....includes lunches

Clean floors downstairs
Straighten extra bedroom

Continue "Don't make me count to three"---I know its been like 3 months but I haven't had much reading time and I really do want to finish it!

Read Garyn a Bible story at breakfast or lunch daily (summer got us off schedule with this)

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