Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garyn's Birthday

Garyn was 3 a week ago. I still haven't really soaked it all up since we've had so much going on.

He has certainly gotten an attitude lately. He tells us to "Stop it" & "Quit doing that" although sometimes he will throw in a please. He has soo many little cute sayings now, though. For instance, he says "I'm stuckn it" = "I'm stuck", ""Can you make it so very loud?", & he often tells me everything is "a bery kinda beautiful."

I love it all. I love his little phrases; his new found independence; his interest in anything technological; and the fact that he still wants his momma sometimes. I was thinking the other day about how heavy he was when he wanted me to carry him. I even told him he was a big boy and he could walk. But then I thought, you know I will carry him for as long as he wants and I can, because all too soon, he will be pushing me away. Don't get me wrong, he walks most of the time.....

Moving on, the party went well. It was our first at a different location. There are pros and cons I will say, the main thing being air conditioning! Any who, no one had a heat stroke and I'm sure all the kids took great naps! The theme was Toy Story. He is really into Buzz and Woody. Surprisingly, he has taken up trains again while puzzles have taken the back burner. Wii is still the biggest hit!

Here are some pics................

He was singing "Happy Birthday" to himself here.
One of his favorite gifts!
Boys are so funny crowding around to "help" open presents
We had a "3" pinata. Of course, I got pics of every child hitting it but the birthday boy! I have some before pics of him standing with it and this one....oh well

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