Monday, July 5, 2010

June Goals Completed...

Well hello everyone!~
June has been busy and I obviously have fallen off the blogging waggon a little.
To save time and since you all probably would rather see than read those goals, I am going to post pictures that I have of the things June entailed.....


We have been swimming a lot. This is Tyler and Garyn at Tyler's uncle's pool Father's day weekend.
Garyn is loving the water, and actually now thinks he doesn't need his arm floaties, he can reach in the 3 ft, but he does need them and it is a fight to get them on most times.

We went to Riverbend one night this year. We got pins and passes to sit on the lawn from a wonderful lady my dad works with. We chose the night Third Day was there! They were great; Garyn did pretty good.

We also made it to the beach! The real one, not Chester Frost, unfortunately. We did try to go to CF one day, but it started raining on the way. BUT Myrtle beach was great and we had a lot of good family time. More photos to come on that one.

As previously stated, we had a great anniversary and a fun time rafting.


Yea!! I had a freezer cooking day. I tackled more than usual and got 3 casseroles, 2 bags of Brown Bag Burritos, some chicken salad for sandwiches, 30 meatballs, and about 20 mini apple pies. It was a longer day spent in the kitchen but worth it. I'll post recipes once they are eaten and approved. ;)

I also want you to know I have been reading Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. Man it is rocking my little world of security and comfort in what I have been taught about Christianity. It challenges you to be the real Biblical Christian and not what the norm is in today's society and even in churches. Haven't finished yet but I am thinking there will be some changes to come.

Well, that's all folks!
I leave for Honduras Saturday!  I will try to get those July goals in before then.


  1. are those mini apple pies in muffin tins? Brilliant! I made minis yesterday, but bought actual mini tins and they were too big for one. Great tip! And I will read the book...I've heard a lot about in Honduras!

  2. Yay! A blog! Can't wait to see those beach pictures. It's so funny, from your pics, it seems as though Tyler can't choose if he wants a goatee or not. Haha! Love the family pic!
    Can't believe yo are leaving again...have a great, safe trip!



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