Monday, July 12, 2010

New Friends

I have been making lots of new amigos today. I worked in the clinic doing assessments on kids. There is a medical clinic here and 2 nurses on staff. Doctors come periodically and the nurses take children into the capital when something is urgent. Otherwise, ear infections and rashes just get treated here. We were doing a basic assessment and flagging children that  need meds. Rebekah that is on the trip is in nursing school. She is Pastor Brent's son's girlfriend. The two of us did the assessments while others weighed and transported the kids. We started with the toddlers and then after lunch did the middle aged boys. We worked a total of 4-4.5 hours and saw 31 kids. So I got to make lots of new friends! I am also learning lots of Spanish and trying to remember it all. The kids kknow a fair amount of English, too, so they have no trouble getting what they want.

We had to finish early because the children have bible study in the afternoons on Mondays and Wednesdays. We went down to the middle aged girls (8-11). They are so small here so they look about 7. I met lots of new friends and they all wanted their picture taken.

Aren't they so beautiful and photogenic. They say foto and then take your camera from you so they can look at themselves. I have plenty more but can't get them download fast enough.
Tomorrow will be the same most likely. It feels good to be helping somehow.
I was able to talk to Tyler last night through facebook. It was very nice to have some type of contact with him. Hopefully, we can skype sometime. But I know Saturday will be here quick and I will miss being here.

I leave you with some beautiful pictures of the Orphanage. The last is our house of residence.

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