Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July Goals

This is going to be a short list since this month is already a week in and is busy for me. BUT there are some great things to be accomplished and worth posting. :)

Go to Honduras!!! leaving Saturday if you didn't know already!
Plan and have Garyn's 3rd birthday party!--can't believe it but that's besides the point
Go to pool at least twice

Straighten house before leaving for trip and after, I'm sure it will be a disaster!
Deep clean window sills and under couches

Eat at home 4+ nights a week
Freezer cooking day

Paint in basement
clean off deck (didn't accomplish in June)

Finish Crazy Love and Don't Make Me Count to Three

Most importantly, relax and enjoy my trip to the Orphanage taking in all that God wants me to learn and experience. I hope to come back and feel more content with my life's blessings and motivated to use them for His glory daily.

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