Thursday, July 8, 2010

Beach Trip

Myrtle Beach was great! Here are some pictures and stories to showcase our wonderful time with family.

The first night, we were there just the three of us. It was nice to have a little start to the vacation alone. We went to play gooney golf, Garyn's new favorite. He does a pretty good job. His strategy is to hit it a few times then pick it up and put it right next to the hole and then hit it in. :)

This is a video of Garyn, Tyler and Lorna in the lazy river.
The lazy river was Garyn's favorite by far. Most of the time he didn't use the tubes. He could reach the bottom and "bounced" along on his own. For the first few days, he would say "I wanna go bounce like a bunny rabbit." then he finally caught on that it was called the lazy river.

It was short but nice because I could lounge while we all took turns in there with him. This is Pop and Ryan (Lorna's friend). This particular turn had a forceful current that pulled him under easily.
The crew that went was: us 3, my dad, brother and sister n' law, their two kids plus my niece's friend Ryan. Total was 9, which as always makes for a fun trip with everyone staying in the same place for a week!
Garyn liked the beach better this year. Although, he still only liked it for maybe an hour or two. The biggest problem was the sun and he refused to wear a hat or sunglasses.
I even tried to make sand castles with him.....again, I tried

Lorna and Ryan helped keep him busy in the water jumping waves. He would keep grabbing their hands to take him back out. They loved every word and move he made!
The boy ate like crazy on this trip. He would hit everyone up for food when they were eating. Then every time we went to the beach he wanted peanut butter crackers in his wagon. He wouldn't look at me because of the sun.

Another treat was that the Cobbles and Slaughters were just 15 minutes away part of the week! We went out to eat with them and then hung out on the beach half a day with them. Garyn enjoyed the beach more having buds to play with. Here is Eli, Brayden and Garyn filling a hole with water.
The next day back at our place, Garyn played better after learning some skills from his buds!
The last day came too quick as always! We ran out for some quick family pictures before going out to dinner.
This is Garyn's favorite spot with daddy!

We watched some guys playing corn hole all week from the deck, and finally on the last night, we joined. My brother had never played and really liked it. It was great that everyone could enjoy it.

The trip was great. It was my first time to Myrtle and we plan to go back next year.
We feel so blessed that my dad gives us this trip and we can spend quality time with everyone.

Well, my next post will be from Honduras, if I can get some good internet service! Pray for a safe trip for me and that Garyn and I both survive the long separation!

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