Sunday, July 11, 2010


Well I’m here in Honduras!

I had a good flight and didn’t get too motion sick. I mainly just had a head ache that wasn’t gone until this morning. My company on the plane was great. I was between two Hondurans; one has been in America the last 30 years and the other illegally came to America for the last 6 years and knew little English. Long story short, I heard both of their stories over the 3 ½ hour flight. ( I think I got about 20 mins to snooze)

The American-Honduran to my right, that spoke fluent English, has started a children rescue mission and comes to Honduras 6 times a year. He is a Christian that felt called to leave his job 6 years ago and work full time to bring mission groups over to minister, feed children and seniors and hopefully start an orphanage. He asked me my testimony and encouraged me in my walk. I did the same for him. After I told him about Orphanage Emmanuel, he was feeling down about what he was doing; that it was inadequate in comparison. I really encouraged him in that what he was doing was so much more than anyone else is doing for those kids. He gave me a list of prayer requests and his website to keep in touch. To the left, was the man working in America for 6 years and hadn’t seen his wife and 4 children during that time. He was returning home after working to make money for a tractor or possibly to start a business. Though we didn’t speak the same language, his excitement radiated off of him. I couldn’t imagine not seeing Tyler or Garyn for 6 years! I really felt God placed me in that seat, I was humbled and more prepared when the plane landed.

  Once in the capital and driving to where the Orphange is, I was attempting to comprehend the views in a third world country. Extremes of nice hotels and malls to small homes, no, shacks on top of each other. You could literally take 4-5 pieces of plywood and build yourself a better home than these. You could see the people inside them eating, changing, children playing on dirt floors, clothes stacked on the floor (a stack that would fit in one laundry basket), and then you would see a mall the size of Northgate. So basically I needed Tyler there to explain to me why there was such poverty, but yet enough economy to support a mall.

  Anyway, on to the more fun stuff.....

  I met Rosa once we got here while she was eating dinner. It was a weird feeling, kinda like  the feeling you have after meeting your newborn child. I had known of her, known a little about what she liked and had already felt love towards her before meeting her. Then when I met her; there was excitement but yet I didn't know her hardly at all and couldn't speak to her! She is doing good, not in school anymore and says she is bored here. Mainly like a typical 14 year old, she acted out in school and since they can't force her to go to school after 6th grade, she isn't anymore. But she really wanted to know where Tyler was and if I could call him so that she could talk to him. I told her I wished I could talk to him! I thought it was sweet though that she wanted me to tell him she loved him. I got to see her room where she has the picture we sent of the 3 of us on her bed. She and her friends giggle and laugh a lot, saying who knows what. They want to hold my hands, play with my hair and take pictures. We have also looked at and watched every picture and video on my phone of Garyn and Tyler. Here are some of the pictures they have taken.

Church was great this morning. I almost cried about three times. I loved the girls singing and raising their hands. The fact that they have a home, food and people that love them was a little overwhelming. We sang some songs that I wish I could remember the words to, but they really spoke to me.

Well it is almost dinner time so I will try to write again. Rosa just got here and is able to eat dinner with me tonight. Today wasn't very busy so I don't know if I will have time the other days.

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  1. That is so wonderful, Sarah! Can't wait to hear more! Have fun and be safe!



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